What Is DMRC’s CarbonLite Metro Travel Initiative? And Why Is It Receiving Flak From Netizens?

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is DMRC’s CarbonLite Metro Travel Initiative? And Why Is It Receiving Flak From Netizens?

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation recently launched a new initiative called CarbonLite Metro Travel. DMRC made the announcement of this campaign through its social media platforms on Wednesday. The company introduced this initiative with a special goal. They want to teach passengers about their influence in decreasing carbon emissions by travelling in Delhi metros.

DMRC Announced This Pioneering Initiative On ‘X’

Taking to social media platform ‘X’, the metro company shared details about this campaign with Internet users. They started ‘CarbonLite Metro Travel’ so that they can educate commuters “about their contribution towards reducing carbon emissions by choosing metro trains.”

DMRC unveiled the program to take steps against climate change and also promote sustainable transportation among citizens. Choosing metros is proving to be crucial to reduce carbon emissions to some extent.

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The CarbonLite Metro Travel initiative is going to inform passengers about the average amount of carbon dioxide they are saving. This average number signifies the reduction of CO2 emissions by choosing to travel in metros “in comparison to road-based motor vehicles.” In simpler words, commuters can now get a proper understanding of their contribution to decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by avoiding road-based motor transportation.

Netizens Are Finding Out Some Issues With This Campaign. They Are Calling It Irony!

After the announcement of CarbonLite Metro Travel on social media, Internet users started sharing their views and thoughts about the initiative. Though this initiative is about informing people about their contribution to combating carbon dioxide emissions, DMRC is using printed paper tickets for the same.

Netizens are commenting how this is not a good initiative due to the increase in the amount of paper waste. Providing these tickets to passengers can increase the paper trash in and all around the Delhi metro stations, pointed out Tweeople. This can become a concern later. Many are suggesting going completely paperless for tickets and using reusable tokens as it is an environment-friendly option.

In replying to the tweets by DMRC, they have specified the issues and probable problems of these printed paper tickets. Here are some reactions of the Netizens.

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What do you think of the CarbonLite Metro Travel initiative?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (@OfficialDMRC)