What Is IRCTC’s Zoop, Portal That Allows You To Order Food From Instagram When On Train?

irctc zoop
by Shreya Rathod

Do you remember the big tiffins our mother used to pack for train journeys? And the tiffin was often accompanied by some sort of snack like chakli, banana chips and so on. But what to do when you are travelling alone and don’t want to pack a tiffin? Well, order from Zoop! It is a hassle-free portal that offers you to order food while on a train! Here’s all about IRCTC’s Zoop.

Travelling By Train? Order Food From IRCTC’s Zoop!


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Zoop is an IRCTC-approved food aggregator. And it has opened its services on Instagram! With the help of this innovative programme, train passengers may quickly and easily order the food they want using their Instagram account. A smooth and joyful train ride is guaranteed by the speedy delivery of delectable meals to the seats, precisely where the train is.

Train passengers may order better meals thanks to Zoop’s Instagram Chatbot service, Ziva. It offers a wide variety of cuisines, such as North Indian foods, South Indian, Chinese, and Jain food. With the help of this practical service, travellers may indulge their appetites while travelling rather than relying entirely on food from their own pantry or the train’s pantry.

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Its Founder Expressed Enthusiasm About New Services


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According to its founder, Puneet Sharma, they are excited to present Zoop’s newest service. It allows customers to easily order food via an Instagram app. Their top priority is to make sure that everyone can use Zoop and to improve the train ride by making it hassle- and stress-free. Their mission is to serve delectable dishes from various parts of the country so that customers may enjoy them right on their train seats. And this new service is successfully bringing these objectives to fruition.

Train commuters might benefit greatly from Zoop’s Instagram app, which offers more than simply food ordering. It enables consumers to simply access options relating to meal orders and check their PNR Status. These alternatives include examining the available savings, monitoring food deliveries, cancelling purchases, and filing complaints.

They Have A ‘Pay After Delivery’ Feature!


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With its recent integration with Simpl, Zoop has launched the ‘Pay After Delivery’ feature, which only initiates the payment upon successfully delivering the order. With the help of the collaboration, travellers will be able to eat their favourite dishes onboard without having to make any prior online payments.

Additionally, it will remove the requirement for customers to carry precise change or prepay, making train eating more fun and convenient. At more than 150 train stations, Zoop also provides a ‘Pay After Delivery’ service allowing customers to pre-order meals for upcoming trips. With more than 2,000 FSSAI-certified eateries to choose from, Zoop is committed to providing delicious and preferred meals to both individuals and groups.

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By including these features, the bot guarantees that placing an order will be simple and convenient for passengers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Zoop/ Instagram