What Is Nano Travels App, The Bengaluru Ride-Hailing App Started By An Auto Driver?

A Bengaluru Uber driver launched a ride-hailing app called Nano Travels App to compete with other apps!

by Shreya Rathod
What Is Nano Travels App, The Bengaluru Ride-Hailing App Started By An Auto Driver?

Bengaluru’s traffic problems are renowned in the entire country. And a profitable situation for cab aggregators. Keeping this in mind, an Uber driver in Bengaluru started his ride-hailing app called Nano Travels App!

What Is The Nano Travels App?

A social media user revealed that a city cab driver was using his programme to compete with ride-hailing behemoths like Ola and Uber, in another “Peak Bengaluru” moment. At the time this article was written, the post had received over 48,600 views and almost 845 likes thanks to a user going by the handle “The Bengaluru Man.”

The user mentioned in the article that he learned about the introduction of his app, Nano Travels, from his Uber driver. In his post, he wrote that his Uber cab driver informed him that the driver is launching his app to compete with Ola and Uber. In fact, there are over 600 drivers on the app already!

Additionally, the same day was the launching of their IOS version for Apple.

One person who commented on the picture amid the deluge of comments stated that there was this taxi driver Lokesh who once gave him a ride from the airport. Being a highly industrious person, he asked to be contacted if he needed a lift to the airport and mentioned that he had a team of cooperative taxi drivers. Further, he wondered if this was the same guy.

Another user complimented his marketing skills and stated that it is a good way to ride an Uber and market your app!

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Traffic Problems In The City

bengaluru traffic nano travels app
Credits: Wikimedia

Bengaluru is notorious for its traffic problems. Aggregators have been the target of growing dissatisfaction from both drivers and clients, particularly since last year when the government cracked down on them and enforced rules for charging too much.

Since then, several organisations and unions have indicated interest in releasing their apps; shortly after, the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU) released the wildly popular Namma Yatri app.

Cab drivers appear to be unhappy as well because they have to deal with exorbitant fuel prices, huge commissions (up to 30%) given to aggregators for each ride, car EMI repayments, difficult working circumstances with unachievable goals, and unbreakable traffic jams.

Comment below and tell us if you have tried this app yet.

Cover Image Courtesy: The Bengaluru Man/ X & Canva

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