What Shah Rukh Khan Eats? SRK Talks About “Normal Food” Diet In This Viral Video

by Tooba Shaikh
What Shah Rukh Khan Eats? SRK Talks About “Normal Food” Diet In This Viral Video

Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. He is one of the biggest stars, not only in India but also worldwide. Many fans are still recovering from his brilliant performance in his latest movie Jawan. A video has surfaced of him talking about his diet plan and what he eats daily. If you expected him to list some super expensive and bougie items, think again. His daily meal is as simple and healthy as it can get.

Here’s What Shah Rukh Khan Eats Daily

Shah Rukh Khan
Image Credits: Canva Images and Wikimedia Commons

In a video that has recently resurfaced, King Khan describes what he eats daily. Far from what you’d expect, SRK’s daily meal plan is very ordinary. He even admits as much in the video. He says to the interviewer that he eats very “normal food.”

To begin with, he said he only eats twice a day and fasts intermittently the rest of the time. He only has lunch and dinner. What is more, his meals consist of simple grilled chicken and broccoli. At times, he even has Dal with it.

He said that this is his standard meal that he eats again and again. Well, it seems that even though he is a big star, he knows how to keep it simple! Maybe having the same meal every day might not be your cup of tea but it shows that King Khan doesn’t need much to stay content.

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Netizens Applaud His Eating Habits

Shah Rukh Khan
Image Credits: @iamsrk/Instagram

Many people in the comment section flocked to the lauding the superstar’s food habits. Many were quick to point out that they, too, consumed some or all of the items on the list. Many said that Dal and broccoli were some food items that they also consumed daily.

Some people were surprised at the mundaneness of his meals and stated that they wouldn’t eat the same meal every day if they were as rich as him.

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Were you enthralled by what Shah Rukh Khan eats in a day? Do you have anything in common with the star that you, too, eat daily? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Canva Images and Wikimedia Commons