Wheelchair-Bound Man Bungee Jumps In Rishikesh; Internet In Awe Of His Courage!

The man is winning hearts on the Internet for bungee jumping in Rishikesh and defying limitations because of the wheelchair.

by Tashika Tyagi
Wheelchair-Bound Man Bungee Jumps In Rishikesh; Internet In Awe Of His Courage!

They said never let the world tell you what you can and cannot do. And that’s exactly what this man did! A wheelchair-bound man recently travelled to Rishikesh with his friends and tried bungee jumping there. He shared a video of this experience on his Instagram handle and people on the Internet are in awe of his courage. Netizens are lauding the man’s adventurous spirit and showering him with appreciative words.

Wheelchair-Bound Man Tries Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh


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Madhav Kuliyal recently travelled with his bunch of friends to Rishikesh. And if you know anything about this city then you must know that it’s a haven for thrill seekers. One can try many adventure sports here. What’s special about the friends’ trip is the fact that Madhav is bound to a wheelchair. That, however, didn’t affect Madhav’s spirit and he still tried bungee jumping in Rishikesh.


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He posted about the entire experience on his Instagram and people are in awe of him and his courage. In the video, you can see how his friends and the staff of the bungee jumping crew are helpful and encouraging Madhav throughout. He even added a caption to the post that said, “This is what bungy jumping is all about. Knowing how much you can push yourself mentally, it doesn’t matter how big or small, muscular or skinny that person is, it’s just whether you are brave enough to push yourself mentally and face those fears!”

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Netizens Loving The Man’s Courage To Try The Adventure Sport

Wheelchair-bound man bungee jumps
Image Courtesy: Instagram/14.maddy

The video of the wheelchair-bound man bungee jumping has since been reshared on multiple platforms. Netizens love his spirit and are in awe of his courage. Here are some of the best comments we found on the post.



Many people even lauded Madhav’s friends for supporting him in the experience.


Trying adventurous sports like this takes a lot of courage. It is heartening to see how this man didn’t shy away from trying something that was conventionally not expected from him. Safe to say, he aced it like a boss!

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