When It Comes To Employees’ Well Being, India Ranks 2nd In The World With 76%; Full List Inside

by Shreya Rathod
When It Comes To Employees’ Well Being, India Ranks 2nd In The World With 76%; Full List Inside

Companies around the world are taking utmost care of their employees’ well being and mental health. On Thursday, the McKinsey Health Institute released the findings of a survey that questioned over 30,000 workers across 30 countries. They assessed their social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being to determine the survey. In the global list of employees’ well being, India has ranked second out of 30 countries.

Turkey Tops Global List Of Employees’ Well Being While India Ranks 2nd

global list of employees well being
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Turkey topped the list of countries with the highest employee well-being, while Japan came in last with 25%, according to the most current global poll. Turkey had the highest percentage at 78%, followed by India at 76% and China at 75%. The average globally was 57%. The survey participants from Japan indicated that 30% of them were in good social health, 74% were in physical health, 24% were in spiritual health, and 42% were in mental health.

Japanese businesses are renowned for offering lifetime employment and job stability, according to Bloomberg. This also suggests, though, that it would be challenging for employees to move jobs if they’re not satisfied with their current one.

The island nation has consistently received low rankings in international surveys, and the findings are consistent with this, according to Rochelle Kopp, a business consultant who specialises in cross-cultural communications and business practises, who was mentioned by the source.

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Indian Employees & Their Mental Health

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Indian respondents gave their social and spiritual health a rating of 78%, their mental health a rating of 79%, and their physical health an 81%. India had the highest percentage of respondents reporting burnout symptoms (59%), according to the research. Chile (33%), Egypt (36%), and Saudi Arabia (36%), came next. Respondents from Cameroon had the lowest percentages of burnout symptoms (9%).

Different countries have different factors, such as indicators of burnout or impairment in cognition or emotions. Nonetheless, a prevalent discovery is a deficiency of vitality: over 33% of participants in 29 of the nations examined expressed fatigue. Conversely, at least one-third of the participants expressed feelings of mental disconnection or hesitation to work in merely three nations.

Though India is performing well throughout the spectrum of holistic health, there are experiencing high rates of burnout symptoms. The nations that are doing well are Turkey, China, Cameroon, Colombia, Sweden, and Brazil. They also have low rates of burnout symptoms and operate well across holistic health dimensions. Saudi Arabia and Chile are “drowning” due to the high incidence of burnout symptoms and subpar functioning in all domains.

List Of Countries According To The Rank

employees well being
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1. Turkey
2. India
3. China
4. Nigeria
5. Cameroon
6. Sweden
7. United Arab Emirates
8. Mexico
9. Egypt
10. Colombia
11. US
12. Switzerland
13. Brazil
14. South Africa
15. Argentina
16. Indonesia
17. Singapore
18. Chile
19. Saudi Arabia
20. Italy
21. Germany
22. Poland
23. South Korea
24. Australia
25. Canada
26. New Zealand
27. France
28. Netherlands
29. UK
30. Japan

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