Why Are Electricity Bills Soaring In Mumbai?

With ongoing heatwaves, Mumbai residents face a tough choice

by Nikitha Sebastian
Why Are Electricity Bills Soaring In Mumbai?

Mumbai residents are facing a double whammy this summer – scorching temperatures and skyrocketing electricity bills. The brutal Mumbai heatwave has forced residents to crank up their air conditioners, leading to a surge in power consumption which has resulted in electricity bills doubling for some Mumbaikars, with most experiencing increases between 50% and 80% compared to the previous month.

Mumbai Heatwaves Lead To Increased Electricity Bill Amounts

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The city’s four main electricity distribution companies – Tata Power, BEST, Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd., and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. (MSEDCL) – have all reported a significant rise in power consumption. According to officials, the primary culprit is the increased use of air conditioners, with many residents running them for extended periods throughout the day and night to escape the scorching heat.

Adding to the woes, many consumers were unaware of the tiered structure of Mumbai’s electricity tariffs. These slabs, with increasing rates for higher consumption, meant that with their upped AC usage, many residents crossed into higher tariff brackets, further inflating their bills.

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Consumption Patterns And Awareness

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However, the distribution companies haven’t been sitting idle. They’ve launched awareness campaigns across the city, educating residents about their consumption patterns and offering tips on how to manage their electricity use. Additionally, for high-consumption customers, some companies, like Adani Electricity, employed predictive analytics to identify potential slab changes and proactively reached out with targeted messages and emails. This proactive approach reportedly helped reduce complaints regarding bill hikes by 15-20%.

While the recent tariff revision for the financial year 2025 and fuel adjustment charges also contributed marginally to the overall increase, power companies maintain that the biggest factor is the surge in consumption pushing users into higher slabs. They acknowledge a 10-11% rise in overall tariffs but emphasise that this alone wouldn’t significantly impact bills.

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With the heatwave showing no signs of abating, Mumbai residents face a tough choice – swelter in the heat or face a financial scorcher on their next electricity bill.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)

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