Why Will Flying In & Out Of Goa’s Mopa Airport Cost You More From October?

by Shreya Rathod
Why Will Flying In & Out Of Goa’s Mopa Airport Cost You More From October?

Airports charge fees for the aircraft landing, amenities provided to passengers, etc. Additionally, it affects the tickets if your flight is landing at a specific airport. According to recent reports, flying in and out of Mopa Airport (AKA Manohar International Airport) will cost more.

Flying In & Out Of Mopa Airport To Cost More

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From next month, it will cost extra to fly in and out of Goa’s new Mopa airport. AERA (Airports Economic Regulatory Authority) approved a temporary increase in landing fees and domestic user development fees (UDF) on Monday, effective October 1 and lasting through December 31, 2023.

UDF will therefore increase from its present level of ₹450 to ₹750, which includes an additional 18 per cent GST. The increase was requested by the airport manager in order to guarantee viable operations as a temporary solution until AERA issues the final tariff order for what is referred to as the first control term of this new airport.

The Goa International Airport Ltd. (GIAL) aeronautical services rate was approved by AERA in August of last year. It was to be in force from the time the airport began operations until the regular aeronautical tariff was determined. Despite the ongoing procedure, Mopa is likely to take some more time, given a comprehensive tariff determination process, according to an AERA ruling released on Monday.

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Raised Traffic Fees To Maintain Airport’s Visibility

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Due to this, the airport’s operator asked the authority (AERA) to raise tariff fees in order to maintain the airport’s viability. AERA is aware of the belief that Manohar International Airport, as a new airport, will face difficulties and uncertainties due to competition, shifting traffic, and the reactions of the airlines, and that in order to ensure viable operations of the airport, higher ad hoc tariffs about charges for aeronautical services may be necessary.

The selection of the standard tariff for aeronautical services is anticipated to take some time, thus the authority decided to implement a rise in the landing fees and domestic UDF as a temporary measure, according to the order. From October 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, or until the regular aviation tariff for the first control period is determined, whichever comes first, the ad hoc tariff will be in effect.

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Up till the final tariff order is released, UDF for departing international passengers would remain at ₹1,100.

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