Winter Special: 5 Places In Bangalore For The Best Hot Chocolate

best hot chocolate in bangalore
by Sanjana Shenoy 1301

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a piping mug of hot chocolate on a cold Bangalore evening. As you sip your chocolatey beverage, you can feel your troubles washing away with the drink. While Bangalore boasts of the best weather year-round, winters are undoubtedly the best time to get yourself hot cocoa as you keep the conversations flowing. So, here are 5 of the best places in Bangalore for the best hot chocolate.

1. Happy Belly Bakes In Multiple Locations

Happy Belly Bakes is a personal favourite. When it’s Christmas season, you’d find me in a Happy Belly Bakes outlet in MG road. Served in charming ceramic mugs, the Dark Hot Chocolate is my favourite. It’s a rich, velvety drink of gooey chocolate, steamed milk and sugary goodness. This is a decadent hot chocolate drink that is an experience in itself. Stir your cup and take slow sips as you tuck into a cookie or gorge on a slice of soft cake. This is one of the best hot chocolate places in Bangalore and you’d have to visit to know why.


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2. Dyu Art Cafe In Koramangala

Dyu Art Cafe ensures you enjoy the best hot chocolate in the best ambience. This open-air cafe designed like a Kerala bungalow promises one of the best cafe experiences you’d have in Bangalore. While you’d never forget to order their signature Banoffee Pie, we suggest you try their Hot Chocolate. Prepared with their homemade hot chocolate mix of melted chocolate, hot milk and fresh cocoa, this drink will leave you taking for more. Share a cup with bae, and let the winter taste a little sweeter.


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3. San Churro Cafe In Banashankari

If you’re craving a hot chocolate that isn’t overly sweet or milky, we suggest you visit San Churro Cafe. Nestled in Banashankari, this cafe offers a wide variety of hot chocolate like the Aztec style that’s sprinkled with chilli, Madrid Mocha, that comes with a shot of espresso, Mint Magnifico that’s infused with mint, Hot and Cold with chocolate ice cream and course the Classic Spanish that has a bitter-sweet note. You can order their signature crispy churros, marshmallows and whipped cream as add-ons with your decadent drink.

best hot chocolate in bangalore

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4. Smoor In Multiple Locations

The luxurious Smoor is known for serving top-notch pastries, exotic cakes and Masterchef-level desserts. But did you know they also serve a mean hot chocolate? Well, at Smoor you can indulge in rich dark chocolate, spiced, hazelnut and caramel versions of hot chocolate. This drink is made with the finest chocolate that will melt in your mouth in an instant. moor has also introduced Stir Up that’s basically hot chocolate with a lollipop makeover. Just dunk the stick of chocolate in a glass of hot milk and voila! You have hot chocolate, ready to drink!


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5. Chinita Real Mexican Food In Multiple Locations

A haven for authentic Mexican food, Chinita Real Mexican Food serves you one of the best hot chocolates in Bangalore. Their Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate is the perfect drink to end your Mexican meal on a sweet note. The lightly spiced drink is soothing and comforting. The spices hit the right notes that cut through the sweetness. Pair your drink with their Chocolate Chilli Cake, Flan or Churros and you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Well, hot chocolate lovers! These are some of the best places in Bangalore to sip your favourite beverage on a chilly day. We hope you make the most of the winter season with a warm glass of hot chocolate.