With A Pool 8x The Size Of An Olympian One, World Islands Dubai Set To Welcome A French Riviera Inspired Resort

by Deeplata Garde 118

Dubai is a land of wonders and luxury. The archipelago of artificial islands present on the waters of Dubai called World Island is one such marvel. And now the island is home to a new luxurious property which was highly inspired by the French Riveria. The new hotel, which is situated at The Heart of Europe on the World Islands, provides guests with a breathtaking landscape, exciting energy, and charming hospitality.

Cote d’Azur Monaco Is An Upscale Resort Providing Views Of A 800m Beachfront

Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez are just a few of the accommodation options that make up the Cote d’Azur Monaco, an exclusive island paradise. All rooms feature patios with breathtaking ocean views.

The accessibility to this resort from Dubai is hardly 10 mins. Surprising ain’t it? The vibrant hotel with 60+ hues of colour stands out at the World Islands.

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This French Riviera Inspired Resort Provides Access To The Raining Street Nearby

With 198 luxurious rooms stuffed with amenities, Cote d’Azur Monaco will give you ample reasons to plan your stay here.

The proximity of this beachfront from Dubai makes it easy to reach here using a boat, seaplane, or helicopter as transport. You are visiting a place inspired by French Riviera so expect opulence at every nook and corner. Every suite gets a beach view. The party suite which comes in top-tier gets a jacuzzi and a private pool. Fancy ain’t it? Also, this resort owns the largest pool in the neighbourhood with a size 8 times compared to the normal Olympic pool.

Food and Beverages comprise a huge part of any resort and hence an upscale champagne bar and a French brasserie with elite Art deco inspired interiors to sit at this property. There are other after-hour eateries located at Cote d’Azur Monaco so keep an eye out for them.


Pic Creds: The Heart Of Europe


Now coming to the Raining street, the path will provide you with a controllable weather experience in the dry Dubai climate. The 1-km long weather-controlled roadway will drizzle on demand while keeping a degree of 27 C, mimicking the weather in Europe.

So save your money and get European vibes in Dubai by visiting this colourful beachfront paradise on World Island.

Cover Image Courtesy: Cote d’Azur