Woman Ordered An Electric Toothbrush Worth ₹12000 On Amazon. Gets Chaat Masala Instead!

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Ordered An Electric Toothbrush Worth ₹12000 On Amazon. Gets Chaat Masala Instead!

People getting scammed after placing orders online are something that many of us have experienced before. From cheap to expensive, many buyers had this bizarre experience no matter which e-commerce platforms they ordered from. Every day we get to see new examples of such instances on various social media platforms, and now one such incident of a misplaced order is making rounds on social media. A woman ordered an expensive electric toothbrush on Amazon and instead received something that will blow her mind.

This Woman Got Chaat Masala Packets Instead Of An Electric Toothbrush

A Twitter user who goes by the username @badassflowerbby shared an experience on Twitter about how her mother placed an order for an Oral-B electronic toothbrush worth ₹12000 and instead, she received a box full of MDH chaat masala.

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Just imagine receiving such bizarre products instead of what you are supposed to get. Not only it is a bad experience, but on top of that, it was a very expensive product. She took to the micro-blogging platform to share that it was a “Cash on Delivery” order. When her mother took the parcel, she felt that it was quite light in comparison to an electric toothbrush. So before completing the payment, she opened the box in front of the delivery agent and was shocked to see 4 packets of MDH chaat masala.

She Tagged Amazon To Take Steps Against The Seller

The woman even talked about how the seller has been scamming other buyers as well. She attached a screenshot of some of the feedback and reviews to her tweet. Turns out the seller is doing such things for more than a year and many buyers had to experience such bad incidents. She even mentioned that it would have been a major problem for her mother if it was not a Cash On Delivery order.

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The comments are huge examples of how these online scams are increasing even on such a massive platform such as Amazon. Shared on 12 February, the post has garnered over 63K views.

Have you ever had such experiences? If yes, do let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ N @badassflowerbby