Woman Slams McDonald’s For Unhealthy Food; Netizens Ask Why She Entered McD To Buy Water

by Shreya Rathod
Woman Slams McDonald’s For Unhealthy Food; Netizens Ask Why She Entered McD To Buy Water

The American-origin Quick Service Restaurant, McDonald’s is a global brand and has several outlets spread across the world. In India, the brand is the most sought-after place to have burgers, fries and cafe items. Recently, a woman took to X (formerly, Twitter) and slammed the restaurant for serving unhealthy food.

Woman Slams McDonald’s For Serving Unhealthy Food!

Since the first McDonald’s store in India was established in Mumbai in 1996, the restaurant chain has developed into one of the most well-liked places for people to go eat.

However, not everyone is in favour of dining at these outlets! It was made clear in a recent post on X when a woman nutritionist criticised the general population for their orders and identified it as a major contributor to the rise in obesity and overweight concerns.

As per the tweet, the nutritionist was waiting in the queue to buy a water bottle. And she saw what most people were ordering. She further wrote that no wonder obesity and other metabolic diseases are rising. She realised that people have come far away from real food. According to her, this is a sad scenario created by the food industry.

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Netizens Trolled Her Instead For Buying Water At McD

Numerous people commented on the picture, many of whom attacked the woman and demanded to know why she was standing in line at McDonald’s to get a bottle of water. Others questioned whether there was anything else they could eat at the establishment other than what was listed on the menu.

One of the users asked why she was guilt-tripping people who were ordering at McDonald’s when she went there to buy a water bottle. He further stated that though he believes in healthy living, this guilt-tripping attitude should end.

Another user asked her whether she didn’t feel awkward while clicking pics of someone’s tables. However, many people stressed why she was at McDonald’s in the first place if she was against eating there.

A user took her side and stated that processed food spikes insulin and glucose levels and that can be harmful.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Pramila Mundra/ X (Formerly, Twitter)