Woman Swims 22 Miles To India From Bangladesh To Marry Facebook Lover

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Woman Swims 22 Miles To India From Bangladesh To Marry Facebook Lover

A person when in love can do anything for their loved one is what we have seen or heard in movies. But in real life, is that even true? Well, we guess it is. And this is not just a mere assumption but something that we have derived from the latest news. A 22-year-old woman swam across Sunderbans to India to marry her boyfriend whom she met on Facebook. 

So Much In Love

You all must have heard the phrase How far will you go for love? Well, this Bangladeshi woman who is identified as Krishna Mandal, swam 22 miles to be with her love. The woman first entered the wild forests of Sunderbans which are famous for Bengal tigers and from there swam to India. It took her an hour of swimming to reach and meet her boyfriend identified as Abhik Mandal. The couple then drove and culminated their long-distance relationship into marriage by driving at Kalighat temple in Kolkata. Krishna and Abhik had met on Facebook and fell in love. 

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Not Everything Is Fair In Love

The Bangladeshi woman, Krishna Mandal, did not have a valid passport in order to meet her Indian boyfriend, Abhik Mandal. This is why she chose to swim the distance and unite with her lover. Krishna got arrested on Monday for illegally crossing the border and entering another country. According to the sources, Krishna may be handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission for further action. 

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