Work From Home: Expectation Vs Reality

by Tonakshi Kalra
Work From Home: Expectation Vs Reality

Working from home is the millennial dream. Especially, for those who spend 3-4 hours every day in commuting to office. In fact, it’s a dream for those also who live near their offices because that’s what makes them the lazy ass. But in life, everything comes with pros and cons and so does working from home. Who doesn’t like rolling out of bed into a hot cup of coffee, work in the sun and get paid all the while. But what is the reality of working from home? Here are a few situations that you’ll surely relate to if you’re also working from home during these lockdown days like us.

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Expectation: A Dream Routine

There’s absolutely no need to wake up early at 7 or 7:30 am. The only commute most of us need to worry about is from our bed to workspace. We think that since we’re working from home, we can wake up at 10:30 am (exactly when the work hours start). So the dream routine includes waking up at whatever time we want, waking up fresh and then working around the usual day along with taking naps, breaks, working out and a lot more. Cause’ who knows and who cares!

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Reality: Actual Routine

In reality, the one who used to wake up early is now finding it hard to wake up at 10:30 am even. We keep snoozing the alarm and finally, it’s the call from the boss that actually puts us out of the bed. And after that, there’s only rush that goes on and on. We end up working in our night suits because it’s too late to even take the shower right?

Expectation: Normal & Decent Video Call With Boss/Client

While team and client meetings have now turned into virtual meetings. We expect it to be an absolutely distraction-less video call but what really happens?

Reality: Mom And Her Dusting Weapon Making A Special Appearance

While we thought that it’s only us who’s going to be a part of the video call with boss but we didn’t see that mom will make a special appearance. Just imagine that you’re discussing an important plan on the call and your mom with her dusting tool invites herself into it. You can feel the embarrassment happening here, that’s exactly what we felt. And in such in crisis, ‘Sorry’ is the only word that we know!

Expectation: Meeting Deadlines Way Too Early

When we work in office, we underestimate the power of internet. As when we have a certain deadline to meet and the internet goes off, it’s literally nothing that our boss can say to us because obviously, we’re at no fault here that the WiFi stopped. And this is exactly what we expect while working from home.

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Reality: Internet Betrays Your Trust & So Does Your Boss

We all know that home WiFi and work WiFi are way too different than each other. The day when we work from home expecting that we will work comfortably, conveniently and even then meet the deadlines is the day when WiFi betrays us. That’s the harsh truth that we must accept. Since we’re at home, our boss might think that this is one of those excuses that we are trying for not doing anything. Let’s just say that’s the moment we know we’re screwed!

Expectation: Boss Is Priority

One can’t say ‘NO’ to their boss. So if the boss asks you to submit a report or a story by 3 pm, that simply means it has to go at 3 pm only. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, there’s literally nothing you can do about it.

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Reality: Boss Vs Mom

We are home due to coronavirus lockdown which means that our mom has to do a lot of work because no help. Therefore, we also gotta do some household chores. We don’t usually deny to help our moms but what can you do when your mom asks you to get ration at the same time when your boss asks you to work on something important? We’re sure that many of us face this difficult situation almost every day. But what to do when it’s Boss Vs Mom, right?

Expectation: No Distraction Since Your Family Knows It’s Your WFM

We are aware that working from home has its own merits and demerits. But we still expect that our families will understand that we need some peace and space, of course. Though we can’t ask them to stay quiet the whole day, but the least that they can do is to make as less noise as possible. And rest is history!

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Reality: Are You Also The Lucky One Living In Joint Family?

Working from home is like the biggest struggle for those who live in joint family. You have people and little kids right in front of your eyes at all times! This is something we can’t escape no matter how much we try. Every time our concentration break when the little kid comes to us to play something. Trust us, this is the time when the cutest baby turns into the most annoying baby in the world. Also, the pain gets real when your sibling watches that favorite series of yours in another room at a high volume and you can’t watch it because, work is priority! That’s a different pain altogether!

Despite all our lofty expectations of how glorious working from home would be, it turns out the cold, hard reality that hits all of us pretty hard!