Work From Idyllic Mountains Of Argentina With This New Visa For Digital Nomads

by Sanjana Shenoy
Work From Idyllic Mountains Of Argentina With This New Visa For Digital Nomads

Argentina, South America’s third most populous country is endowed with beautiful geography, rich history and culture, happening nightlife and delicious local cuisine. And if Argentina has always been on your bucket list, then here’s where dreams do come true. You can now not just visit Argentina but work from the idyllic mountains of the country. Argentina has launched a new visa for digital nomads. Here’s everything about it.

Argentina Launches New Visa To Attract Remote Workers

On May 10, Argentina joined a growing list of countries like the Maldives and Curacao, as it now attracts digital nomads. The nation announced a new visa that will welcome people from across the world to work remotely from Argentina. The temporary visa offers digital nomads the chance to work from the stunning mountains, pristine beaches and thriving forests of the nation. Interior Minister Wado de Pedro revealed that this visa will help Argentina bring in currency and tourists.

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Details Of New Visa For Digital Nomads

So, experience the Argentine life and return back to your homes as salespeople of the stunning nation. This new visa for digital nomads will be valid for 6 months and can be renewed once. This option of renewal will attract tourists as it guarantees a longer duration of stay as compared to the 3-month regular tourist visa. There are also added benefits to remote working in Argentina like discounts on flights with state-owned airline Aerolíneas Argentinas.