Working In UAE? Here’s When Your Company Can Fire You!

by Deeplata Garde
Working In UAE? Here’s When Your Company Can Fire You!

Every employee is always under the threat of being fired from the workplace. Dubai sits on the top when we discuss perfect destination working conditions. But the threat sustains wherever you work. So to avoid falling into such circumstances let’s go through the pointers to save the day. Here’s a guide on what can land you in trouble and getting terminated from your company in UAE.

List Of Things To Terminate Individuals Working In UAE

There are multiple laws that help us clarify the reasons for termination. All of it combined falls under the provisions of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021. That is basically the Employment law of UAE. Here are a few mentioned below.

Article 43

This article states that the termination of the contract is amicable for both parties. The employer will terminate an employee based on a good cause. The employee working in UAE has to serve a notice period which can be at least 30 days and a max of 90. Either party has to put the notice in writing for this type of termination process.


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Article 44

This termination comes into effect upon a forced event based on various reasons. This includes forged documents, misconduct at the workplace, financial loss to the organization etc. Taking an off without notice for more than 7 days and taking advantage of the position for personal benefits.

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Article 47

An employer’s dismissal of an employee without a legitimate justification, on is ‘arbitrary.’ In such instances, the company may have to compensate employees up to three months’ income. An employer’s dismissal of an employee shall be arbitrary if the employee makes a significant complaint with the Ministry or files a lawful action against the employer.
The employer has to pay compensation based on the type of work performed, the duration of harm sustained and the span of employment.

In such cases of termination without valid reasons, the employee working in UAE holds the right to file a complaint against the employer or the organization to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

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