Xero Degrees In West Delhi Is Offering Everything On The Menu FREE To Ladies On Women’s Day

by Kanika Sharma
Xero Degrees In West Delhi Is Offering Everything On The Menu FREE To Ladies On Women’s Day

Forget spa treatments and face massages, there is a cafe in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh that is offering free meals to all women on Women’s Day. Yes you read that right! But if you are someone who is accompanying your wife, mother, girlfriend, cousin, friend to this place, then there is a little something in store for you as well.

Picture Credit: Xero Degrees/ Facebook

What Is It?

Xero Degrees in Punjabi Bagh is an extremely popular cafe that known for its monster shakes, delicious fries and tasty treats on the menu. This Women’s Day, they are taking the level of satisfaction that their dishes bring to another level by offering FREE meals to all the ladies on Women’s Day! Free food and free drinks is what’s going to be in store for all the lovely ladies who make our days better on a daily basis.

Picture Credit: Veg Bhog, Xero Degrees/ Facebook

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To avail this offer all you have to do is, walk in! Yep.. take your girl gang and just walk in through the doors and get a chance to feast on chicken cheese fires, yummy shakes, sandwiches and burgers and so much more!

What’s More?

If you want to go with your boyfriend, husband, brother, or male friends, then the good people at Xero Degrees have something in store for them as well. The guys will get a flat 50% discount on the meal too! Isn’t that great? Such a win-win!

Picture Credit: Xero Degrees/ Facebook

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So, make sure you eat light on Saturday night if you want to make the most of your Sunday feast!

Where: 38, Under Ground Floor, North West Avenue, Club Road, Adarsh Bhawan CHBS LTD, Punjabi Bagh

Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM

Cost: ₹750 for two