Yet Another Maggi Food Trend Disappoints The Internet; This Time It Includes Cold Coffee 

by Sushmita Mahanta
Yet Another Maggi Food Trend Disappoints The Internet; This Time It Includes Cold Coffee 

Who doesn’t love slurping on some piping-hot Maggi right? But what about some Maggi made in cold coffee? Yes, you heard it right! Cold coffee Maggi is the new utterly weird Maggi recipe that has left the internet disappointed. Recently, a video uploaded by RJ Rohan, shows a man preparing cold coffee Maggi and it’s one of the weirdest things on the internet of late. Here’s what we know about this shocking Maggi combo so far.

Weird Combination Of Coffee Maggi Appears On The Internet

Recently, RJ Rohan shared a video on his Instagram as part of his Chef Kandi series. The video opens up with a man pouring cold coffee into a frying pan. He then puts a packet of Maggi into the beverage. Then he adds capsicum, chopped onion, red chilly, coriander, Maggi tastemaker and cocoa powder to the boiling Maggi. Once done, the man plates it and garnishes it with tomato ketchup. Weird right? Well, we think so too!

RJ Rohan uploaded the video with the caption, “Comment me RIP MAGGI likhe (write RIP MAGGI in comments) #streetfood #weirdfood.”

Take a look at the video:


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How Did The Internet React?

One user writes, “couldn’t dare to watch the video after reading the caption,” while another adds, “Jitne b cook aisi bakchodi krte hae unhe desh nikala keon nahi de deti govt.”
One of the users was seen advising. He writes, “First watch: Video without audio 🤢 Second watch: video with audio.”
Another says, “Har baar sochta hu isse bura kya hoga…😂😂 phir yeh isse bura leke aajate hai.”
A lot of users also wrote,RIP Maggie 😦😦😦😭😭” as asked by RJ Rohan in the caption of the video.
There were quite a lot of funny comments as well. One user writes, “Maggie के बाद अब cold coffee boycott , इस chef kandi ka kuch karna पड़ेगा😮😂.” Another says, “Iske bad na cold coffee pi ja sakegi na maggi shanti se kha ja sakegi
Kahi yeh dekhke maggi wale na aise flavoured maggi nikalna suru kar de😢😭😭😭.”
Well, we too were shocked by this weird Maggi combo. What about you? Do let us know in the comments section below.
Feature image – Instagram/radiokarohan