Confluence Of Zanskar & Indus In Ladakh Is The Prettiest Thing You Will Ever See

by Suchismita Pal
Confluence Of Zanskar & Indus In Ladakh Is The Prettiest Thing You Will Ever See

Ladakh has never failed to captivate us with its mesmerizing beauty. With lofty snow-capped mountains, rugged terrains and deep valleys, this union territory in the Trans-Himalayan region of India is one of the highest and most picturesque destinations in the country. While there are so many fascinating spots in this region that can catch the eye of the wanderlust, the river confluence of Zanskar and Indus is nothing short of a glimpse of heaven.

Where Two Rivers Merge

The green-tinged Indus river originates in the Tibetan Plateau near the Manasarovar range, whereas the shiny blue Zanskar has its source in the Zanskar valley. Both the rivers kiss each other near the scenic Nimmu valley, that falls between Leh and Kargil.  The rivers are clearly distinguished by their colours and the confluence can be best viewed during the spring-summer months, from March to May.

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The Chadar Trek

Zanskar is usually swifter in pace as compared to Indus, but in winter it completely freezes, giving way to the most sought-after treks among the backpackers, the Chadar trek. Even in the summer months, adventurous water activities like river rafting take place on the mighty rivers. The Indus-Zanskar confluence is popularly known as Sangam in the Leh region. Also, locals say that the confluence keeps changing its colours during different times of the day according to the position of the sun. The towering Himalayas and the clear blue skies in the backdrop intensify the charm of the amalgam even more. The gurgling sound of the rivers amid the surrounding calmness is a stunning example of nature’s own melodies.

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This happy sight of two heartwarming colours, which is a gorgeous natural phenomenon, is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime!