You Can Now Buy Land To Build Stunning Beach House In Thailand, But Here’s The Catch

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Now Buy Land To Build Stunning Beach House In Thailand, But Here’s The Catch

How interesting does it sound to buy land in an overseas country? Very exciting, right? Well, Thailand is allowing foreigners and international visitors to purchase land there. With wealthy foreigners buying lands in this tropical country, it will surely be an uplift in their economy. But there’s a catch to this entire process. Read on to know about buying land in Thailand.

You Can Now Buy Land In Thailand

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It is a huge decision to allow foreigners to own land and bring them into the country. There are different criteria that wealthy foreigners need to follow and prove to be eligible to own a piece of land in Thailand. The Interior Ministry formulated this plan back in May but the process of approving the proposal took some time. The officials worked on it for quite a long time and approved the directive after taking concerned people’s viewpoints into consideration. With foreigners getting to buy land in Thailand, the country also attracts foreign investment along with wealthy international visitors.

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Who Can Purchase A Land Here?

The eligible international visitors who can own land in Thailand under this new program are:

  • Wealthy retirees
  • Digital nomads
  • Foreigners with a high net worth
  • Foreigners with special expertise

These people are eligible to buy a maximum of a rai of land. One rai of land equals 0.4 acres. They can use this piece of land as any residential ground.

Another criterion for the eligibility of purchasing land is that the owners need to invest a minimum of 40 million baht for at least 3 years.

Thailand Government spokesperson, Anucha Burapachaisri announced the criteria and rules of this directive in the meeting of ministers. If you are also thinking of probably purchasing a piece of land in this beautiful tropical country, you definitely need to know all these. Foreigners are only eligible to own land in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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Thailand is gearing up to welcome more and more international visitors and also wealthy ones. Right after launching the e-visa facility, more flights, and more just sometime back, this program is the country’s new plan to bring in more foreigners.

Isn’t it an interesting program? What do you think of this new plan?

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