You May Not Find A Seat In That Fancy Airport Lounge And Here’s Why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
You May Not Find A Seat In That Fancy Airport Lounge And Here’s Why

Narita International Airport in Tokyo has an All Nippon Airways lounge that was always known for being uncrowded offering calm space to the business travellers. The lounge offered many perks like a private shower, free made-to-order noodles and some super comfortable chairs offering views of the runway and planes taxiing. But recently, a passenger had to do rounds of the lounge before finally landing up a seat. 

Airport Lounges Are Busy Than Usual 

As corporate travellers board aircraft, wealthy travellers treat themselves to all-inclusive vacations, and regular travellers pay for lounge memberships or premium credit cards that offer access to escape the bustle of airport departure halls, business-class lounges all over the world can be standing room only. For airlines, the crowded lounges come at a crucial time. They want to boost earnings and cut losses after almost two years of hardly any international travel. Additionally, more travellers are staying longer in these formerly privileged enclaves as a result of the recent increase in the frequency of cancelled and delayed flights. Additionally, a few lounges have simply not reopened since the outbreak, which has increased crowding at those that have. 

Pic Credits : ANA

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Many Reasons For Airport Lounges To Be Busy

There are several reasons for the increased traffic in business-class lounges, which virtually always provide amenities like complimentary Champagne, wine, spirits, fine snacks, and internet access. The lounges are now open to many additional people, unlike in the past when they were only for first- and business-class passengers or devoted frequent flyer programme members with elite rank. Some passengers also receive lounge access through premium credit cards like American Express. Some airlines, including United and Qantas Airways Ltd., even provide access for a fee. It has been nearly impossible for airport lounges to expand their entire footprint in response to the surge in demand.

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