Travelling To The Maldives? You Will Soon Have To Pay Departure Tax To Leave The Island

by Tania Tarafdar
Travelling To The Maldives? You Will Soon Have To Pay Departure Tax To Leave The Island

The Maldives can surely be done on a budget but the water villas, aqua sports, and exclusive dining experiences come with a cost. However, if the Maldives is in the pipeline, you will now have to add one more expense to your budget. Tourists and locals of the island country will now have to pay departure tax while leaving the Maldives.

The Departure Tax Will Be Applicable For Both Tourists And Locals

Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih introduced a new amendment to the country’s Airport Taxes and Fees Act which states that any traveller should pay a departure tax for leaving the Maldives. The departure tax will not only be applicable for tourists but locals too! The fee will depend on the visitor’s residency and the class they are flying and they will have to pay it in dollars.

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Passengers Flying Out Of Velana International Airport Should Pay Additional Charges

At present, there is an Airport Service Charge in the Maldives, which will remain in effect till December 31, 2021. The service charge will now be replaced by this new fee structure and the departure fee will be applicable for each passenger leaving the country. In addition, passengers flying out of Velana International Airport (MLE) will need to pay a $25 Airport Development Fee along with the departure tax.

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Passengers Flying Economy Class Must Pay $30 USD

However, there is no one-amount-fits-all. Residents of the Maldives travelling by economy class will only need to pay $12 USD and non-residents must pay $30 USD. For business class, the fee goes up to $60 for both tourists and locals. For those travelling by first class and charter jets, the fee goes up to $90 and $120 USD respectively.

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