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Zeina Khoury
by Shreya Rathod 169

Don’t mess with her cause she is the company. Yes, we are talking about the boss woman, ‘Queen Of Versace’ and the Dubai Bling Star —Zeina Khoury. Known for her fearless attitude, she is a self-made woman and has conquered milestones with dedication and hard work. So, we took Zeina Khoury on a brunch date on this episode of Sunday Brunch. We had a fun conversation with her while enjoying a scrumptious brunch.

Zeina Khoury On Dubai Bling

For those who are living under a rock, Zeina Khoury was a participant in Dubai Bling and is one of the most fearless women. And while speaking about the Netflix show, Zeina said that the people from Dubai Bling got in touch with her and decided to cast her. She expressed her feelings about the show by saying that she had no idea what this showed would be like. She further said that she didn’t expect the amount of love from the international community. It took her time to understand the situation around her.

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She spoke about her daughter, marital life, and weight issues, and she felt like her life is an open book which everyone can read. She had stopped going out and was self-conscious. But then she received a lot of messages from people that understood her feelings.

Is The Show Scripted?

Zeina Khoury

Credits: Curly Tales Middle East

Our editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani told Zeina about meeting the other cast members who assured her that the show wasn’t scripted. Agreeing with this, Zeina said that a lot of people thought the same. However, nothing was scripted, and everything was natural. She further stated that the people who knew her never asked this question because they saw her facial reactions. She confessed that she was trying to stay composed and act the way she acted. Zeina Khoury also said that the only person she was familiar with was Safa. And she had just known the rest of the cast through social media.

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This was the fearless tigress who made a name for herself and is an inspiration for women all over the world. To watch the entire episode, tune into the video linked above.

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