5 Best Road Trips Across GCC To Enjoy Scenic Beauty

by Ishita Agarwal
5 Best Road Trips Across GCC To Enjoy Scenic Beauty

Now that the heat of summer is beginning to wane, it is time to go to the open road and rediscover the beauty the area offers. There is a treasure trove of sceneries, stunning unending highways, and jaw-dropping vistas, and around every corner comes a new opportunity for an exciting experience. The following is a list of our best road trips across GCC:

1. Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain 

Al Ain is the perfect destination for a road trip that focuses on leisure. The Hafeet mountain overlooking the city of Al Ain, situated on the border with Oman, is the area’s most notable feature. You can find numerous archaeological sites atop Jebel Hafeet and in the Al Hilli region.

The road to the mountain is also a big benefit since it’s rather easy to navigate. The E66 Dubai-Al Ain expressway is all you need to get out of Dubai. 



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2. Dubai to Liwa

Driving time from Dubai to the UAE’s Liwa desert is estimated at two hours and thirty minutes. Known as “The Empty Quarter” because of its infinite width, the path is ideal for soaking up the fall air. Take advantage of the golden dunes of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa desert, situated on the city’s outskirts. 

3. Elephant Rock, Saudi Arabia 

The Elephant Rock is 11 kilometres northeast of Al Ula and off the road to Hail. It is worth a drive any day. As soon as tourist visas are made available in the kingdom, the rock formation will likely become a popular place for tourists. By car, it is thought to take about 7 hours to get from the Saudi city of Jeddah to the Elephant Rock. 



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4. Muscat to Shifah 

Some roads wind through Oman’s unique mountains to get to the most beautiful beaches in the country. The drive from Muscat to the beach village of Sifah is always amazing because it goes through both mountains and the sea. 

5. Abu Dhabi to Al Quaa

You can get from the urban jungles of Abu Dhabi to the hidden gem in the middle of the UAE desert by driving through dunes that are every colour of the sun. We think you should go there closer tonight because this is the only place in the UAE where you can see the Milky Way galaxy without any clouds getting in the way. 

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