5 Must-Try Street Food Joints At Indore’s Sarafa Bazaar Chowpatty

by Vinita Jain

Indore is known as the cleanest city in India. Along with cleanliness Indore also shares an exceptional relationship with the street food. Yes, Indore is a paradise for foodies. Although Indore does have a lot of street markets, Sarafa Bazaar is a prominent street food bazaar among them. Sarafa Bazaar is a jewelry market but after 8 it transforms into a land of street food which is up till midnight. Let’s dive into some of the must-try street food dishes Sarafa Bazaar Chowpatty offers.

1. Joshi Dahi Bada House

Joshi Dahi Bada House serves flying Dahi Badas and is a very popular food joint in Indore. They serve giant in size badas slathered in sweet curd along with the regular chutneys and some sprinkled raw spices. Although it is a very simple preparation yet the most delicious.


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2. Garaadu

Sarafa Bazaar has a lot of eateries serving Garaadu so grab this snack from any of them. Garaadu is a street snack where large chunks of the starch purple yam or sweet potatoes are deep-fried and then tossed with sauces and encased with their special masalas. This tempting snack is crispy from the outside.

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3. Jai Bhola Jaleba Bhandar

Basically, it is Jalebi but because of its huge size, it is known as Jaleba. Jaleba with Rabri is the snack you can try over here. The piping hot Jalebi’s tossed with some ice-cold Rabri is something you can relish.

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4. Bhutte Ki Khees

Bhutte Ki Khees is Indore’s delicacy. This is a very unique preparation, basically, it is grated corn cooked in milk along with spices. They top it with grated coconut and coriander. It is sweet, sour, and spicy just a complete burst of flavors in your mouth.

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5. Mahakal Coconut Crush

Coconut crush is apparently very famous in Indore. It is coconut water, sugar, water, and coconut malai preparation. You can opt for this beverage during your street food night.

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6. Sawariya Chat House

Sawariya Chat House is popular for its huge Chole-Tikiya Chat. This joint is serving for the past 25 years. It serves a variety of Tikiya dishes. The Chole-Tikiya is a Pattie of chana dal and potatoes served with flavorful Chole. This eatery joint is often very crowded but the wait is worth it.

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Like this Sarafa bazaar, Chowpatty has more than 50 shops. Every shop serves some kind of absolute delectable snacks, So, do try it.

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