5 Nude Beaches Of India That Must Have Missed Your Eyes

nude beaches in india
by Sanjana Shenoy

Let’s cut the chase, public nudity is illegal in India. Yet, there are hidden beaches, surrounded by lush coconut groves, away from the bustling city and roving eyes, where you can embrace your body without feeling conscious or shy. So if you’re yearning to hop around on your birthday suit on an expansive beach, then you don’t have to visit Australia’s Lady Jane Beach. Just head to these 5 nude beaches in India, where you can be comfortable in your own skin. Pack light, feel the temperatures rising and let your imaginations run wild.

1. Ozran Beach In Goa

Goa’s Ozran Beach, unlike many international beaches doesn’t mandate visitors to go nude. You can choose to wear your favourite clothing and enjoy the soft sand, and breezy waters like never before. Many foreigners at Ozran Beach prefer to go nude. Nestled 24km away from Panaji, the secluded environment actually ensures the safety of the beachgoers. Moreover, photography and videography are not permitted here for privacy and safety reasons. You can trek, sunbathe, relax with your bae, and let your inhibitions down.

nude beaches in india

Picture Credits: thrillophilia

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2. Agatti Beach In Lakshwadeep

Popularly known as Topless Beach, Agatti Beach in Lakshadweep is a paradise for people seeking privacy in the heart of nature. Surrounded by palm, coconut trees, white sand and coral reefs, this beach is truly spellbinding. This beach offers unspoilt beauty and an undisturbed environment for nudists. But not everyone can visit this exotic island, you’d need special permission to head here. After all this Lakdhadweep beach hosts nude visitors, and it takes special efforts to ensure the exclusive environment that it offers.

Picture Credits: starbiz.com

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3. Arambol Beach In Goa

Nestled in North Goa, Arambol Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Infact it attracts scores of tourists from all across the world, especially during the winter season. This nude beach is loved by tourists for its close proximity to the Paliem Sweet Water Lake. Take a short scenic walk from the beach to the lagoon to try out the famed local mud. This mud is known for its medicinal healing properties. Tourists rub clocks of clay on their bodies and take part in meditation sessions under the Banyan tree. The healing local mud adds a nourishing spin to sunbathing at this iconic nude beach in Goa.

nude beaches in india

Picture Credits: visittnt.com

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4. Paradise Beach In Karnataka

Gokarna has a slice of paradise, and that is none other than Paradise Beach. This hidden gem is so secluded that the only way you can reach it is via boat. So, ask a boatman to take you to this hippy paradise. But let’s warn you that convincing boatmen to take you here can be a task since hippies often flock here for an undisturbed sunbathe. Good luck with that! Nevertheless, the clear blue waters, occasional nudist parties and lush greenery definitely make it a hotspot for adventure seekers.

nude beaches in india

Picture Credits: mobygeek.com

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5. Marari Beach In Kerala

Apparently, God’s Own Country welcomes everyone, yes nudists too, at the Marari Beach. This untouched beach gives you the chance to relax in the lap of nature, sunbathe in the soft sands and ditch your clothes for an adventurous time. Marari Beach opens its arms to nudism and how! Isolated in its own beauty and freedom, it’s not uncommon to sight people sans clothes, basking in the warmth of the sultry weather, enjoying their freedom to the fullest.

nude beaches in india

Picture Credits: keralatourism.travel

So guys, if you’re waiting to tick off a nude beach from your ultimate bucket list, then why not do that in India itself? While public nudity is illegal in our country, these secluded beaches offer you abundant privacy and safety. But yes, let’s warn you that your intention to visit these beaches must never be to ogle at people. These places are meant to be fun yet safe for all visitors. Will you visit these beaches in your birthday suits?

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