5 Beaches In Goa You Need To Hit To Spot Dolphins

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Beaches In Goa You Need To Hit To Spot Dolphins

Beaches in Goa are truly out of this world. The chill vibes, bustling nature and the sunny weather always beckon us. And there’s plenty you can do at Goa beaches. Water sports, boating, mingling with the hawkers and whatnot. But if there’s one thing that you might not have planned for your Goa beach trip, that’s got to be dolphin spotting. Whether you opt for a  tour with experts or ask local fishermen to take you on a boat, dolphin spotting must truly be on your bucket list, when in Goa. So, here are 5 beaches in Goa, you need to hit to spot dolphins.

1. Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach in South Goa is popular for offering a range of adventure sporting activities like jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. It’s also a rare party beach. More than any of this, it’s known to be an amazing place to spot dolphins. Explore the waters of Mobor beach on a yacht and spot dolphins, birds and the exotic biodiversity of the area. Capture beautiful photos of the majestic creatures doing flips and tricks in clear blue waters.

Picture Credits: thrillophilia.com

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2. Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach, also known as Coco Beach hosts dolphin tours for tourists. This South Goa beach was popular for its rave parties in the 90s. But now, this scenic beach gives you the opportunity to go for boat rides and spot dolphins galloping in the Arabian Sea.  To get the best rates on these dolphin spotting boat rides, it’s better to go as a group. Miramar Dolphin Tour is one experience that will surely be etched in your memories.

Picture Credits: picnicwale.com

3. Palolem Beach

The white sandy beach of Palolem has attracted tourists from all across the country for its calm blue waters, happening nightlife and unique silent disco experience. Apart from these fun activities, you must also visit Palolem Beach for dolphin sightseeing. Talk to the fishermen and local boat owners to take you the sea in their boats for a dolphin-spotting experience. Spot the friendly creatures at a nominal price deep inside the secluded waters of the Palolem Beach.  Until you visit Goa, here’s a virtual tour to get you planning already! 

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4. Cavelossim Beach

The next time you visit Goa with your bae, you must visit Cavelossim Beach. Hold your partner’s hand and walk in hand across the shoreline, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Try your hand at adventure sports or just relax and feel time stop by, so you can cherish every moment you spend here. To up the romance, you can also go for dolphin trips here. Swimming dolphins, surrounded by crystal blue waters and black lava rocks is truly a divine experience.

Picture Credits: Shutterstock

5. Sinquerim Beach

Spot dolphins in their natural habitat at Sinquerim Beach. The joy of witnessing the friendliest creatures of the ocean, jumping gracefully in the waters, is truly unparalleled. A one-hour dolphin spotting and sightseeing trip would cost around ₹300 per person for a minimum of 10 people. But the cost for these trips differs according to the season. Apart from dolphins, spot Coco Beach and Fort Aguada Jail from the comfort of your swishing boat. If you wish to explore Goa amid the coronavirus pandemic, here’s a video to help you plan your trip. 

So beach babies, these are some of the beaches in Goa you must visit to spot a dolphin. Apart from club-hopping, exploring beaches and cherishing the nightlife, dolphin spotting must also lace your itinerary in the beach destination.