5 Possessions Of Hyderabad Nizam Who Was Once The Richest Man In The World

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Possessions Of Hyderabad Nizam Who Was Once The Richest Man In The World

Everytime one talks about the richest man in the world, what are the names that come to your mind? Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and so on are the names that would come to your mind. But well, none of these billionaires can ever match up the wealth Mir Osman Ali Khan possessed. Yes, Mir Osman Ali Khan, a Hyderabad Nizam once was the richest man in the world and here are 5 of his wealthiest possessions. 

1. Rolls Royce

Mir Osman Ali Khan,  the Hyderabad Nizam was so rich that he actually owned a fleet of the most famous car, Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce was a symbol of extreme wealth and was synonymous to excellence. He owned about 50 of them. His collection included a 1912 purchase of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost made by Barker-Coach. 

2. Jacob Diamond

The fifth-largest polished diamond in the world is a colourless diamond from South Africa called the Jacob Diamond, often referred to as the Imperial or Victoria Diamond. The famous diamond was a piece of jewellery owned by the Hyderabad Nizam then. He utilised the 185-carat Jacob Diamond, now costing about $95 million, as a paperweight. 

3. Gold Collection

The Hyderabad Nizam was the wealthiest man of all times. He possessed approximately $400 million in jewellery, including the renowned Jacob Diamond, which is now valued at $95 million, and a personal gold collection that was worth over $100 million. 


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4. Jewels Of The Nizams

There are 173 jewels, including over 2,000 carat (0.40 kg) emeralds and more than 40 thousand chows worth of pearls. The jewellery is still displayed by the Indian government under the name Jewels of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Gemstones, turban decorations, necklaces and pendants, belts and buckles, earrings, armbands, and other accessories were in his collection. 

5. Land 

The Hyderbad Nizam was so wealthy that Time magazine depicted him as the richest man in the world on its cover. In the 1940s, the US GDP was $200 billion. Nizam’s total wealth, including all of his land and other assets, was Rs660 crores at the time, or 1% of the US economy, at the exchange rate of Rs3.3 to the US dollar.

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Amazed? Well do let us know which of these possessions amazed you the most!