A Luxury Cruise Will Set Sail In Kochi Backwaters This September And We Can’t Wait!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
A Luxury Cruise Will Set Sail In Kochi Backwaters This September And We Can’t Wait!

Cruises are one of those experiences which are actually a must at least once in your lifetime. I mean it feels super surreal to be pampered with so many amenities in the middle of the sea as the mighty sea or ocean gives you some of the best views. What else is more dreamy than this? Well, if you are planning a vacation in September, then we have some good news. The luxurious  Classic Imperial cruise vessel is all set to sail in Kochi backwaters this September. 

A Luxurious IRS Class Vessel

Kochi already has many tourist attractions to its name. From September this year, a new addition to the list will be the grand and luxurious Classic Imperial. The cruise vessel is an IRS (Indian Register of Shipping) classified 300-tonne vessel with a capacity of about 150 passengers at a time. This cruise vessel is expected to be the largest one in its class. The two-floored air-conditioned cruise will have a full glass view and a non-AC dining deck. 

Pic Credits : Traveldine

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A Luxurious Option For Vacations, Weddings And More

The cruise vessel which is 50 meters in length and 11 meters in width is designed to cater not only to leisure holidays but also for weddings, conferences, meetings, etc. With a 15,000 watts sound system with DJ and lights, this vessel is pillarless. When it comes to facilities and features, the makers are sure about it being a top-notch cruise and will be sailing in the sea before the next travel season. 

Pic Credits: netionaldastak

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