A New Home For Seniors! NMMC’s Old Age Home In Seawoods Worth ₹4.11 Crore Coming This May

by Shreya Rathod
A New Home For Seniors! NMMC’s Old Age Home In Seawoods Worth ₹4.11 Crore Coming This May

The human body works in different ways. And as we grow old, our body tends to give up on daily activities. In order to take care of the elderly, there are specific multi-residence housing facilities called nursing homes or old age homes. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is building the nation’s first self-governing body project for an old age facility. And it will be ready soon!

NMMC’s Old Age Facility In Seawoods

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The old age facility being constructed in Seawoods is nearing its completion. This project is going to be completed by May end. There are several old age homes in the area but this project will be the first civic body-run institution. The house is being built for ₹4.11 crore and has a 9,763 sq ft building space.

As soon as NMMC received the plot from CIDCO, the project’s development began. The project was scheduled to be finished in 2022 but was delayed due to the pandemic. The job is currently moving quite quickly.

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First Local Self-Governing Facility

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According to the municipal commissioner, Rajesh Narvekar, the country has several privately owned nursing facilities. But this is the first one being built by a local self-governing authority. The project is currently nearing completion.

Old age homes are sprouting up all across the nation. This is because of lifestyle changes, the rise of nuclear families, and the breakdown of the joint family system. Senior citizens require assistance, respect, and the kind of life they deserve.

He further stated that the NMMC has launched many programmes for senior residents. In addition to this, they are constructing several recreation centres for them. A large number of older adults gather here every day to socialise and enjoy the facilities that the local government has set up.

The goal of this old age home is to offer shelter to people who do not have their family members with them or who are unable to live with them. Here, they will receive the respect they are due.

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With new facilities to take care of the elderly, this new nursing home is a great step!

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