A Teddy Bear Butler Service At London Marriott Hotel Park Lane Will Leave You Stunned At What Luxury Can Give!

by Vidisha Khaitan
A Teddy Bear Butler Service At London Marriott Hotel Park Lane Will Leave You Stunned At What Luxury Can Give!

Ever heard of a Teddy Bear Butler Service? If you’re imagining teddy bears come alive to fulfil their lifelong dream of becoming butlers, that’s not it. If you’re imagining human butlers dressed like giant teddy bears, that’s not it. This involves a teddy bear menu, a luxury stay and a big hug for children. A five-star boutique hotel decided to dedicate this season to their little guests. No longer will you hear children complaining they don’t get enough attention at hotels. London Marriott Hotel has found something that children actually care about. They’re not one of the best for nothing. Parents can relax and unwind while their ‘jigar ka tukda’ will be kept busy. London Marriott Hotel Park Lane has introduced a special package for guests in partnership with the one place tiny people love more than Disney Land, Hamleys! Did you know You Can Now Travel From Dubai To RAK In A Sea Plane?

What is it

A Teddy Bear Menu will be waiting for the little ones in their suites. They can pick a bear that could be their best friend their whole lives. A Teddy Bear is the one toy that children and adults, both can carry without a thought. A Hamleys teddy is something they can carry with pride. Hamleys is arguably the world’s most beloved toy store with branches in USA, UK, India, Japan, and so many corners of the globe. Meet This Retired Couple Sold Their 4000-Sq-Foot House To Travel The World!

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Once you find your soulmate, a Bear Butler will carry your chosen one in true silver-service style. When you hear that pristine knock on the suite door a few moments later, you’ll know your journey is in motion. Robes, slippers, bathroom toiletries, rubber ducks and some bear-themed sweet treats will come with the Teddy Bear to help the new friends get comfortable with each other. Guardians can further opt to make their stay at Marriott a memorable experience for their children with a special in-room teddy picnic. This is a great way to get some family time and a picnic basket crafted by masters of taste. The hamper brings sandwiches, snacks, fresh juices and teddy bear cupcakes!

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What’s more

Bedtime will be celebrated with Marriott’s signature teddy turndown service. A glass of milk, some cookies and tons of handpicked classic bear stories is the Hollywood scene you can live in real life. For £35 per person, Hamleys is also offering an exclusive VIP tour of their 7-floor store to guests before official opening; plus, a small takeaway gift.

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The Teddy Bear Butler service is complimentary! Anyone booking a suite gets this one of a kind experience. People in different room categories can get this magical experience for an additional £40 per child. If you’re heading to London for a family Christmas, make sure to cash in on this enchanting experience!

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