Aboard & Dine Like A Royal At The Historic Frontier Mail Train-Themed Restaurant In Karnal

by Tejashee Kashyap
Aboard & Dine Like A Royal At The Historic Frontier Mail Train-Themed Restaurant In Karnal

Karnal in Haryana has its own rich and vibrant heritage that often gets overlooked when it comes to heritage travelling. However, you wouldn’t take an architectural landmark that personifies the grandiose and elegance to be right here in Karnal. But the palatial luxury hotel, Noormahal Palace brings a charm of the past—especially the real crowd-puller, the Frontier Mail restaurant.

Dining In Retro Style

Noormahal Palace endorses the opulent royalty of the era of Indian maharajas and it’s a modern miracle amidst the rustic land of Karnal. Their award-winning restaurant, The Frontier Mail, their in-house award-winning restaurant lets you step back in time. The place takes its inspiration from the legendry Frontier Mail train that operated between Bombay and Peshawar during the pre-independence days

However, the restaurant actually has a train setup and is inspired by the legendary Frontier Mail train. The menu comprises dishes and food from the regions through which the train made its initial journey. A model of the train has been built and people sit and eat inside it, complete with an ornate mini bar.

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The makeshift train bogey makes for some great Insta-worthy pictures. Some of the elements, including artefacts that were a part of the actual train, have been used in the bogey’s interiors. Even, you shouldn’t miss the pictures on the wall that hosts rare images from the National Museum of Railways in Delhi.

Eating Like A Royal

The food here is superbly crafted, rightly spiced and simply amazing to taste and must be a stop you make in your journey to Karnal. You can find the authentic Awadhi taste of the dishes served. This restaurant is only open for dinner except on the weekends when it is also open for lunch.

Some of the popular dishes at the Frontier Mail restaurant include butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, dal makhani, and tandoori chicken. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, including paneer tikka, palak paneer and aloo gobi. Special mention goes to tikri mutton and ras malai.

Noormahal Palace makes sure you’re greeted with a royal service that will be reckoned in your heart forever. Even their impressive lobby will make you feel like you’re in the actual palaces of yesteryears. The place has is a display of art with a soothing marble fountain welcoming the guests, a white marble floor, antique silver and furniture. At the centre of the lobby, you will find a majestic, mesmerising, Swarovski chandelier. Well, talking in Internet language – every corner of this palatial hotel is worth Instagramming.

When would you be heading to this train-themed restaurant?

Where:  Sector 32, Karnal, Haryana
When: 12:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs; 20:00 hrs – 00:00 hrs
Cost: ₹3500 for two (approx.)

Cover image credits: Instagram/Noor Mahal