After Finnair & Hawaiian Airlines, Asiana Airlines Plans To Weigh Passengers; Here’s All About It

After December 2023, Asiana Airlines started to weigh passengers once again.

by Shreya Ghosh
After Finnair & Hawaiian Airlines, Asiana Airlines Plans To Weigh Passengers; Here’s All About It

All of us know how it is a mandate to weigh bags and luggage in every airport. There is a specific weight mentioned by airlines and passengers exceeding that baggage weight need to pay an additional charge. Have you ever heard of the rule of weighing passengers? Well, this is not something new, and Finnair and Hawaiian Airlines have done it in the past. This time, Asiana Airlines is also doing the same. Here’s everything you need to know about the new exercise.

Asiana Airlines Set To Weigh Passengers On International Flights

Asiana Airlines
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Starting from January 22, the airline is initiating the protocol of weighing flyers catching international flights. Passengers boarding the airline’s overseas flights will be measured at the Gimpo International Airport in Seoul. According to a report by The Straits Times, Asiana Airlines will follow this measure till January 31, 2024. Along with weighing passengers, the airline will continue to take note of the bags’ weight as well.

The primary reason for collecting the number and data on weight is to calculate the average weight of passengers. Asiana Airlines is gathering the data anonymously. The airline shared how they are not going to use it for any different reasons. Flyers will simply stand on a weighing machine and the airline will record the data.

South Korea’s second-largest carrier is not following this for the first time. Just in the previous month, from December 12 to 21, the airline conducted something similar, according to a report by The Korea Times. Back then, the airline continued the exercise with 5,000 domestic passengers. Back in 2023, Air New Zealand and Korean Air also followed a similar scheme and weighed their flyers.

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It Is Not Mandatory!

Asiana Airlines
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

To follow the weighing protocol throughout this month, the process is very simple. All the passengers need to do is stand on the weighing machine in the outfits that they are wearing on the flight and also keep their carry-on bags as well. But this is not a compulsion for everyone. If passengers are not comfortable or agree to weigh their weight, they can simply skip this step.

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What are your views on this plan by Asiana Airlines?

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