After Following Raw Food Diet For A Decade, 39-YO Vegan Influencer Dies Of Starvation!

by Shreya Rathod
After Following Raw Food Diet For A Decade, 39-YO Vegan Influencer Dies Of Starvation!

We come across dozens of fitness and diet influencers on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and so on. In fact, several people follow them in order to become like them. However, everything that we see on reel platforms is not real! Recently, a vegan influencer who was following a raw food diet died after starvation!

39-YO Vegan Influencer Dies Of Starvation

After years of subsisting just on a raw vegan diet, Zhanna Samsonova, a 39-year-old vegan influencer, reportedly starved to death. The Russian citizen frequently advocated raw meals on her social media pages, according to the New York Post.

The woman, who used the online alias Zhanna D’Art, reportedly passed away on July 21 after finally seeking medical attention while on tour in Southeast Asia. According to her Instagram post, she had been vegan and only consumed raw foods for at least ten years.

A Newsflash report stated that a few months ago, in Sri Lanka, she already looked exhausted, with swollen legs oozing lymph. She was returned home to receive care but she took off again. Her friend was frightened when she first saw the influencer in Phuket.

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Her friend lived one floor above and every day she feared finding the influencer’s dead body in the morning. And though she persuaded her to get help, she didn’t survive.

Tired And Strain Took Over!

Zhanna Samsonova’s mother said that her daughter passed away from a “cholera-like infection.” The official cause of death, however, was not made public. Her mother informed Vechernyaya Kazan that she thought her daughter had passed away due to tiredness and the strain an exclusively vegan diet had put on her body.

The influencer had only consumed the large, sweet jackfruit and the durian, a spiky, mace-like fruit famed for its custardy meat and foul stench, for the previous seven years, a close friend told the New York Post.

The influencer had enthused over her stringent diet, stating that she saw her body and mind transform every day. She further stated that she would never revert to her old behaviours because she adored the new version of herself.

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Zhanna Samsonova promoted her raw diet philosophy on social media.

Cover Image Courtesy: Zhanna D’art/ Instagram