Air India Express: Modern Look, Bright Colours, Aircraft Livery & More! Here’s All About It

by Shreya Rathod
Air India Express: Modern Look, Bright Colours, Aircraft Livery & More! Here’s All About It

On a brand-new Boeing 737-8 aircraft, Air India Express and AirAsia India, both divisions of Tata-owned Air India, introduced a unified, updated branding as “Air India Express.” Here is all about the new Air India Express brand!

Introducing Air India Express, With A Modern Look & Bright Colours!

air india express
Credits: Press Release

The airline announced its intention to stand out by creating connections across places, people, and cultures. They are planning to curate frictionless and digitally enabled travel experiences. Further, they want to provide best-in-class value, and service with a sense of special Indian warmth. The airline invited guests to “Fly As You Are” and presented itself with a contemporary design, bold, bright colours and aircraft livery. The first brand-new Boeing 737-8 was given a grand unveiling by the Chairman and the Managing Director of the airline. The aircraft is the most recent addition to the airline’s rapidly expanding fleet of 58 aircraft.

He emphasised that they are currently witnessing the last stages of the Air India Express and AirAsia India merger. In fact, it is transforming the aviation industry. Moreover, they are happy to introduce the new Air India Express brand. It is an essential component of the new Air India Group. And it is charged with becoming the airline of a new generation. It offers every Indian the best value, accessibility, and domestic and regional connectivity. These initiatives’ overarching goal is to strengthen ties between Indians and the rest of the world as well as within India.

Express Orange and Express Turquoise, with Express Tangerine and Express Ice Blue serving as supplementary hues, make up the airline’s new visual identity. Express Orange, Air India Express’s signature colour, represents the brand’s passion and adaptability. In addition to representing the positioning of traditional Indian warmth. The Express Turquoise personifies the brand’s personality attributes of modern luxury elegance with a digitally first mindset.

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New India’s Smart Connector

air india express
Credits: Press Release

According to the Managing Director, Aloke Singh, the combined Air India Express and AirAsia India company will run as Air India Express and market itself as “New India’s Smart Connector.” The introduction of the contemporary, fuel-efficient Boeing 737- 8 aircraft ushers in a new phase in their ambitious expansion and transformation path. They quickly doubled in size, with 50 aircraft expected to be added to the fleet over the next 15 months.

He further stated that they want to expand to a fleet of roughly 170 narrow-body aircraft over the course of the next five years. With a network covering both internal Indian markets and short-haul overseas markets! In keeping with their distinctive tradition, the livery for the aircraft will have a changing tailfin pattern with the theme “The patterns of India.” Moreover, it was inspired by the rich artistic and craft legacy of the nation.

The airline announced its new unique musical identity along with the debut of its new brand identity. This upbeat tune captures the spirit of a forward-thinking, upbeat, and confident New India. The recognisable musical logo of Air India Express conjures the Rasas of Karuna, Adbutha, and Veera, a melodic welcome to the sounds of New India.

The first brand-new Boeing 737-8 aircraft unveiled at the ceremony features a livery that was inspired by Bandhani weaving patterns. The next aircraft will include traditional motifs like Ajrakh, Patola, Kanjeevaram, Kalamkari, and so on. Moreover, it will showcase the richness of Indian art. With its “Patterns of India” concept, the airline captures the essence of the country and takes viewers on a visual tour of its stories.

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This solidifies the brand’s position and dedication to offering aspirational travel experiences. In fact, this will make use of modern conveniences, open accessibility, innovative design, and distinct Indian hospitality.

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