Air India Express Merger: What All Is New With Discount On Purchases, Inflight Menu & More?

by Shreya Rathod
Air India Express Merger: What All Is New With Discount On Purchases, Inflight Menu & More?

Despite its small size, Air India Express has been profitable, and the Tata Group decided to keep it operating in “Business as Usual” mode even as it went about acquiring the remaining shares of AirAsia India. Further, turning it into a subsidiary of Air India, and attempting to merge AirAsia India with Air India Express. Here’s what is new with the merging of these two airlines.

Air India Express & AirAsia India To Merge!

air india express
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In 2014, there was a big launch for AirAsia India. The discussion surrounding the merger of Vistara with Air India and the brand presentation of the new Air India came into focus. Air India Express continued to function as before, integrating AirAsia India with itself, beginning with approval to sell AirAsia India flights on a single platform. And move the planes from AirAsia India to Air India Express one at a time.

And getting ready for a new type, the 737 MAX 8 induction – two of which have already landed in India and are undergoing painting before the big brand reveal. Late last week, the website changed to the new branding in the midst of this. The branding from Air Asia India’s previous website of Air India Express was mixed into the new unified website. The new website’s bold orange tint may be a hint of things to come in terms of the low-cost subsidiary’s chosen colour design.

AirAsia India has always served hot food, and as a differentiation, the airline has also been prioritising pre-ordered meals. Air India Express has a winner on its hands if the renamed airline can communicate about meals and good pricing.

The airline’s updated website features a streaming service called Airflix, which lists, among other things, discounts on purchases, an in-flight menu, streaming, and games. Only when there are several options, both in terms of routes available and multiple frequencies on a route, will the greatest service, entertainment, and food begin to draw passengers.

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Airline To Expand Its Fleet!

air india express
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Air India Express is integrating with AIX Connect as part of its aim to expand into the aviation industry, and over the next 15 months, it intends to deploy 50 new B737 MAX aircraft. The merged company, which will introduce its new identity on October 18, represents an important development in the Tata Group’s aspirations to increase its influence in the aviation sector.

Aloke Singh, the managing director of Air India Express and AIX Connect, stated that crucial integration milestones had been reached. Currently, the combined corporation operates a fleet of 56 aircraft. It includes 26 B737, 2 B737 MAX, 5 A320 neo, and 23 A320 models.

According to him, 50 additional B737 MAX aircraft would be added to the LCC fleet over the next 15 months. And enable them to expand their network to new locations and boost flying frequency on existing routes. More than 800 aircrew and operational workers are currently through various stages of training as the focus is now on getting ready to use this increased capability.

The combined company serves 44 destinations, including 14 foreign ones, with about 2,700 flights weekly. It will serve as the Tata Group’s Low-Cost Carrier (LCC). It assumed control of both airlines in January of the previous year.

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He emphasised that significant achievements have been made in terms of integration development.

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