American Airlines Passenger Yells Antisemitic Slurs; Co-Passenger Headlocks & Drags Him Off Plane

The disturbing passenger was dragged off the flight for yelling antisemitic slurs.

by Shreya Ghosh
American Airlines Passenger Yells Antisemitic Slurs; Co-Passenger Headlocks & Drags Him Off Plane

We spend thousands to book flight tickets and travel to our destinations comfortably. The biggest credit behind making every passenger’s journey convenient goes to the flight attendants and cabin crew members. They are always there to assist everyone at every time. Unfortunately, not all passenger acknowledges their contributions and end up behaving rudely with them. A video of an American Airlines passenger has been making rounds on social media for his horrible behaviour with the flight attendant. What happened later will shock you!

American Airlines Passenger Yelled Antisemitic Slurs At Flight Attendant

Taking to X, Joe Has Dementia (@RokerGlasses) shared some clips of a chaotic incident inside the plane.

As shared in the caption of the video, the shocking incident took place on an American Airlines flight on Tuesday. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the flight took off from Tampa Airport and was scheduled to land at Philadelphia International Airport. Unfortunately, the flight got delayed because of everything that happened.

All the clips clearly show an ongoing argument between the man who hurled nonsense and verbally assaulted the flight attendant and the cabin crew members. In fact, some of the passengers of that flight joined the crew in this heated exchange of words.

The man not only used sentences like “See most of the people are white here” but he also accused many stating they are teaming up to quarrel against him. The worst part of this incident was how he was seen yelling and throwing antisemitic slurs at the flight attendant. He claimed that others made it harder for him to get back to his home country.

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Another Man Headlocked The Passenger Creating Chaos

Here’s the last part of the video.

Things began to get out of this man’s hand after another passenger wearing a blue hoodie came into the action. The argument turned out to be a struggle for the disturbing American Airlines passenger as the co-flyer held his head and headlocked him. The man in blue dragged that annoying man out of the flight. Later, he was arrested as well.

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It was indeed a traumatising experience for everyone on the flight.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Joe Has Dementia (@RokerGlasses)

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