Anand Mahindra Shares Clip Of Cute Elephant Celebrating Birthday In Tamil Nadu; Netizens Heart It!

Anand Mahindra
by Shreya Ghosh
by Shreya Ghosh 326

Anand Mahindra shared a very adorable video on his official Twitter handle very recently. Twitter users love his account as it is full of treasured stories of various aspects from all around. And this time, Anand Mahindra shared a video of an elephant celebrating his birthday with lots of fun. The video of the cute elephant celebrating his birthday while gulping on fruits after fruits are stealing the hearts of every citizen. The energy, happiness, and vibes of the video are infectious!

The Video Shared By Anand Mahindra Is Going Viral

It has been only 2 days since the Mahindra Group chairman shared this lovable video on his Twitter account and now it has over 703K views. The birthday celebration video is from Thiruvanaikaval temple, Tamil Nadu. The name of the elephant is Akhila and she was dressed up beautifully with colourful garlands, chains, and embroidered clothes. It seems like she was having the best time of her life while munching on loads of fruits and swinging his head happily as everyone sang happy birthday to her.

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Netizens are completely gushing over this cute video shared by Anand Mahindra and sharing it everywhere. The elephant is bringing a huge smile to our faces with his fun activities and energy. In fact, Bollywood celebrity Preity Zinta found the video cool and retweeted the video.

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Here’s How The Netizens Reacted To This Video:

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