5 Authentic Sadhya Thalis In Mumbai You MUST Try!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Authentic Sadhya Thalis In Mumbai You MUST Try!

Thalis are the best inventions in the culinary world. The reason being you can taste all the authentic dishes of a particular place all at once in one thali or plate. You all must have heard of the delicious spread called Sadhya in Kerala. It’s a Malayali thali which as such is prepared specially on Onam marking the auspicious occasion. There are some hotels in Mumbai itself that serve authentic sadhya thali

1. Hotel Deluxe, Fort 

Hotel Deluxe is known for its Kerala specific delicacies. The hotel serves authentic vegetarian Sadhya thali which tastes heavenly. On a banana leaf, a Malayali thali is guaranteed to be served with a variety of vegetables and pulse preparations. Rice, sambar, avial, kuttu puri, vegetable thoran, pachadi, mango or lime pickle, chutney, pappadum, rasam, and the most delicious payasam are included in the platter.

Pic Credits: Cookfi

2. Just Kerala, Andheri

This place is actually like Kerala in Mumbai on a plate. The place offers 18 authentic dishes which are all served in a Sadhya thali. They have three types of thali available here for the customers to choose from namely, Vegetarian Sadhya thali, Non-vegetarian Sadhya thali and Fish Sadhya thali. 

Pic Credits: Trip Advisor

3. Lalit Refreshments, Taste Of Kerala, Fort


This place offers the most delicious Sadhya thali be it Onam or not. The place along with Sadhya meal offers delectable desserts straight from Kerala to your plate. The place is super busy on Sundays during lunch hours which is the only time when they serve Sadhya meals. 

Pic Credits: Homegrown

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4. Dakshin Culture Curry, Mahim


Mahim has a little corner of Kerala in the busy city. You can relish pure and authentic Malayali dishes in their special Sadhya thali. The burst of flavours in your mouth will simply turn your normal day into a festival. 

Pic Credit: Trip Advisor

5. South Of Vindhayas, Vile Parle

South Of Vindhayas will fill your stomach and your heart with happy vibes. Such is the authenticity and choice of flavours that are served to you straight from Kerala. The Sadhya thali here is a must-try because of its variety and richness. 

Pic Credits: LBB

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