Bangalore Airport Installs Diaper Changing Rooms In Men’s Washrooms; Internet Applauds

bangalore airport diaper changing rooms
by Sanjana Shenoy

Child care is often seen solely as a woman’s duty in a patriarchal society. In India, it isn’t uncommon to witness diaper changing rooms in just women’s washrooms. But this narrative is here to change. In a much-needed initiative, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bangalore has installed diaper changing rooms in men’s washrooms. Read on to know more.

Bangalore Airport Has Diaper Changing Stations At Men’s Washrooms

Twitter user Sukhada posted a picture of a diaper changing room in a men’s washroom in Bangalore airport. In his caption, he revealed that this move needs to be celebrated as childcare is not just a woman’s responsibility. Another Twitterati @RohitMalekar revealed in his post that he has gone through nightmarish experiences changing the diapers of his two kids in men’s washrooms with little to no support to execute it. Rohit also hailed the move and hopes it will be scaled.

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These Rooms Offer Privacy & Comfort To Parents & Babies

These posts and pictures flooded with comments and reposts show the importance of gender equality. It’s no more a woman’s job to change diapers, it’s men’s responsibility as well. Bangalore Airport responded to the tweet thanking Sukhada for the appreciation. The airport further added that the diaper changing rooms in men’s washrooms enable parents to change a baby’s diaper’s in total privacy and comfort. Welcome to 21st-century parenting!