Bangalore Based Startup Wakefit Will Pay You ₹1 Lakh To Sleep For 9 Hours Everyday

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Based Startup Wakefit Will Pay You ₹1 Lakh To Sleep For 9 Hours Everyday

Neend Churaayi Meri, Kisne Oh Sanam, Mattress ne? Backpain ne? Office Stress ne? Well, the answer to this question, is better answered by you. But for those of you who are craving for a good night’s peaceful sleep, let’s tell you that you can not only get it, but also earn some moolah out of it. Bangalore based startup, Wakefit will now pay you ₹1 Lakh to sleep for 9 hours every day. This sleep solution company has a special Wakefit Sleep internship programme, where selected candidates will be asked to sleep for 9 hours a day for 100 days in the comfort of their own home on the mattress provided. Yes! This is what ‘dreams’ are made of. Literally!

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What’s Wakefit?

Wakefit is a sleep solution company started in 2016 by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda. This company promotes a better sleep culture through its memory foam mattresses, pillows and comforters, made from raw materials imported from Europe and the Middle East. The pillows, mattresses and comforts are designed in a special manner keeping in mind the utmost comfort of the user. A survey conducted by Wakefit revealed that around 48% of people complained of back problems and around 80% of people admitted that they feel sleepy at work about one to three days a week. So keeping in mind the sleep-related problems, the products are designed in a special manner. Wakefit sells its products n various e-commerce channels and promotes a better sleep culture. And now they have gone one step forward in providing you with the Wakefit Sleep Internship.

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What’s This Sleep Internship?

This would be one of the most fun and even well-paid internships you might have ever enrolled yourself for. The job description actually says ‘just sleep’.  The ideal candidate would be a person who can sleep for 9 hours a day for 100 days without binging on shows every night. You should be able to fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes of hitting the pillow and possess the innate ability to fall asleep at the slightest given opportunity. Apart from this, you must be able to avid binge-watching on your favourite shows and be able to ignore your phone notifications at night. It’s just sleep, sleep and sleep for 9 hours straight.

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According to a reputed news agency, Wakefit will be monitoring the sleep patterns of interns who will be sleeping on the company mattresses. A sleep tracker will monitor the sleep of the intern before and after using the mattress. Interns will also be given counselling sessions. Once the data is accurately shared with Wakefit, candidates selected for the internship will be paid a stipend of ₹1 Lakh. You can even Sleep Like A Baby In These Funky Cabins In DXB

How Do I Get This Sleep Internship?

Now to answer your golden question on how you can get this sleep internship, all you got to do is visit Wakefit’s website and fill in your job application. Select your age, gender and where you heard about this job. Most of all answer creatively on why you think, you deserve this job. You can even go on to tell about why you love to sleep and what sleep means to you. Sounds simple right? Submit the form and be a part of Wakefit’s Sleep Interns Batch of 2020. the best part is, that you don’t even need to leave your current job to be a sleep intern. Work for 9 am to 5 pm, have your dinner and sleep peacefully for 9 hours every night on the company provided mattress fr 9 hours every day for 100 days. And voila! You get ₹1 Lakh.

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What’s More?

If this doesn’t sound amazing then Wakefit is also an advocate of having nap offices at offices. They proudly champion, ‘Right to Work Naps’. The ‘Right to Work Naps’ survey conducted by Wakefit witnessed 70% of the 1500 respondents admit that they don’t have a nap room at work. Around 86% of them felt that having a nap room can definitely boost their productivity. Talking about sleep did you know that Luxury Japanese Sleeper Trains Are Travel Goals!

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The sleep solutions startup is also an advocate of having nap rooms at offices, championing the cause of ‘Right to Work Naps’. According to the ‘Right to Work Naps’ survey conducted by Wakefit, 70 per cent of the 1,500 respondents have said they do not have a ‘nap room’ at work. About 86 per cent of them felt that having one would boost their productivity. We’re ready to sign up for this sleep internship, it’s time to nap to get the creative juices flowing. What say?