Bengaluru Doctor Stuck In Traffic Runs 3 Km To Perform Surgery On Time

by Sanmita A
Bengaluru Doctor Stuck In Traffic Runs 3 Km To Perform Surgery On Time

Bengaluru is known for its traffic and weather. For some time, it has been on the news for both. Recently, Bengaluru traffic woes made a doctor run to reach the hospital. A doctor, Dr Govind Nandakumar, ran for 3 km to arrive on time for surgery in Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur. We can’t stop admiring the doctor’s dedication to his work and concern for his patients. Dr Nandakumar is a gastroenterology surgeon heading to the Manipal hospital to perform emergency surgery. Read on to know what happened exactly.

Bengaluru Doctor Runs To Avoid Traffic & Reach Hospital On Time

This Bengaluru doctor decided to run to the hospital after he realised that the stretch, which usually takes 10 mins, would require 45 mins. Therefore, he quickly decided to run to the hospital instead of waiting for the traffic to clear. So, he ran on the Sarjapur-Marathahalli stretch and, luckily, reached on time for the emergency surgery. In an interview, he told The New Indian Express that he decided to run and could leave the car behind because of the presence of his driver. He also said he could run because he would regularly visit the gym.

Bengaluru Traffic

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Nandakumar Has Travelled On Foot In Other Areas Of Bengaluru Too

Dr Govind Nandakumar says this isn’t the first time he ran on foot to reach his hospital. He said he had also crossed railway lines to reach his destination. Regarding the Manipal hospital emergency, Nandakumar said he was not very anxious, considering the hospital has the right staff and adequate infrastructure to deal with such situations. However, he also said that smaller hospitals would face difficulties in such kind of situations. He says there is no space for even an ambulance to pass in this heavy traffic in Bengaluru.

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