20 Best Bakeries In Mumbai In 2020

Merwans Best Bakeries
by Pratiksha Acharya
by Pratiksha Acharya 15084

If there’s one form of carb that everyone loves, it’s bread. Okay, who are we kidding? Cakes, cookies and cupcakes are pretty darn lovable too. The point is that we love baked goods, especially when they are warm having just been taken out of the oven. So, we decided to make a list of the best bakeries in Mumbai. The next time you crave a baguette, here’s where you need to head to.

1. Macarons At Le15 Patisserie, Multiple Outlets

The Parisian patisserie which is run by Chef Pooja Dhingra who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu makes the best macarons in the city. Besides these bite-sized almond cookies, the cupcakes here are also delish! So, make sure you don’t miss out on those.

Le15 Best bakeries

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Macarons, ₹75 (Exclusive of taxes)

2. Brownies At Theobroma, Multiple Outlets

Every Mumbaikar worth his salt knows that Theobroma is the go-to place to get the best brownies in the city. Every outlet has one display case entirely dedicated to trays of freshly baked brownies. We particularly love the Overload Brownies which have just the right amount of chocolate in them.

Theobroma Best Bakeries

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Overload Brownie, ₹95 (Exclusive of taxes)

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3. Chocolate Squares At Merwans, Multiple Outlets

This cakeshop has to be one of the best bakeries in Mumbai. And I don’t say this lightly because their cakes are always fresh and creamy. What surprises me is how affordable everything over here is. You could walk in with just 10 bucks in your wallet and you can still walk out with a gooey chocolate square which will please your senses. Their Lemon Crackle cake is also refreshingly good.

Merwans Best Bakeries

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Chocolate Squares, ₹10 (Exclusive of taxes)

4. Sea Salt Belgium Dark Chocolate Cake At Vanilla Beans, Bandra

Vanilla Beans is famously known for its cakesickles which are all the rage in the market currently. Basically cakes on sticks, they taste even better there is a fun element of eating the cake of a stick involved. We particularly love the Sea Salt Belgium Dark Chocolate Cake here which marries the saltiness of the sea salt along with rich and dark chocolate.

Vanilla Beans Best Bakeries

Address – Vanilla Beans, 16, Araadhna Apartments, Gurunanak Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, Mumbai
Contact – +91 9773155903
We recommend –  Sea Salt Belgium Dark Chocolate Cake, ₹1100 (Exclusive of taxes)

5. Red Velvet Pastry At Celejor, Multiple Outlets

Celejor has multiple outlets in the city and is super popular when it comes to the likes of getting birthday cakes. Their Red Velvet Pastry is really good and has just the perfect ratio of cake to cream cheese which most bakeries mess up.

Celejor Best Bakeries

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Red Velvet Pastry, ₹115 (Exclusive of taxes)

6. Choco Chip Muffin At Bangalore Iyengar Bakery, Multiple Outlets

There’s no way that you haven’t come across an outlet of Bangalore Iyengar Bakery. They are practically everywhere and even though they might not look the fanciest, their bakery products are some of the best things you will taste in the city. Their Suji cake is extremely soft and it almost feels like you are biting into a cloud.

Bangalore Iyengar Best Bakeries

Image for representation
Credits: BBC Good Food

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Choco Chip Muffin, ₹15 (Exclusive of taxes)

7. Gaylord, Churchgate

This old-age restaurant also houses its own bakery which makes some really good sweet and savoury treats. Their puffs and pattices can’t be messed with and their pastries are quite amazing too.

Gaylord's Best Bakeries

Address – Gaylord, Mayfair Building, VN Road, Churchgate, Mumbai
Contact – 022 22044693
We recommend –  Baked goodies, Price on request

8. Cheese Croissant At City Bakery, Worli

This unpretentious bakery in Worli has been serving up baked goodies for a while now and we love their croissants. While they are amazing, you should definitely try the jam puffs here which is stuffed to the brim with jam.

City Bakery

Image credits: Zomato

Address – City Bakery, 204, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli Naka, Worli, Mumbai
Contact – 022 24930562
We recommend –  Cheese Croissant, ₹31 (Exclusive of taxes)

9. Apple Pie At Ellipsis Bakery, Worli

When the day gets dreary and the sugar cravings kick in, Ellipsis is the best way to satiate them. Their dessert jars are amazing but I think that their Apple Pie is the best you’ll get in the city. Pair that with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you will officially be in a food coma.

Ellipsis Best Bakeries

Address – Ellipsis, Inside BMC Asphalt Compound, S.K. Ahire Marg, Worli, Mumbai
Contact – 022 66164653
We recommend –  Apple Pie, ₹310 (Exclusive of taxes)

10. Khari At Paris Bakery, Marine Lines

This tiny little bakery is a well-kept secret of South Bombay. Word has it that Ratan Tata is a big fan of the flaky and buttery khari here. The secret behind their khari lies in their generous usage of Amul Butter and ghee which they use in huge quantities. Their Batasa is equally good.

Best Bakeries

Image for representation
Credits: Yogis Hira Sweets And Hot Bakers

Address – Paris Bakery, 278, Dr. Cawasji Hormusji Street, Dhobi Talao, Near Parsi Dairy Farm, Marine Lines, Mumbai
Contact – 022 22086619
We recommend – Khari, ₹360 (Exclusive of taxes)

11. Mawa Cake At B Merwan, Grant Road

B Merwan is known to have the best Mawa Cake in the city. And it is always advisable to go here in the morning when they are fresh and warm.

B Merwan Best Desserts

Image Credits: Harsh Rajadhyaksh for Zomato

Address – B Merwan, Alibhai Premji Road, Grant RoadEast, Opposite Station, Grant Road, Mumbai
Contact – 022 23093321
We recommend –  Mawa Cake, Price on request

12. Hazelnut Tart At Sassy Teaspoon, Multiple Outlets

One of the best places in the city that makes kickass tarts is Sassy Teaspoon. With a perfect crust, the tarts are filled with a velvety hazelnut and chocolate mixture that tastes best when warm. Their explosive cakes make for great birthday cakes too.

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Hazelnut Tart, ₹110 (Exclusive of taxes)

13. Cupcakes At The Boston Cupcakery, Multiple Outlets

You’d think that it’s only the cupcakes at The Boston Cupcakery that are good but you’d be proven wrong. Try out their croissants with a hot cup of cappucino and you will thank us.

The Boston Cupcakery

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Cupcakes, ₹110 (Exclusive of taxes)

14. Pain Au Chocolat At La Folie Lab, Bandra

We get our artisanal breads from La Folie Lab because their sourdough is always on point. And when it’s not that, you’ll find us busy feasting on their pain au chocolat which is basically a buttery chocolate croissant.

La Folie Lab

Address – La Folie Lab, 1, Ground Floor, Libra Towers, Opposite St.Peter’s Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Contact – +91 9167937019
We recommend –  Pain Au Chocolat, ₹140 (Exclusive of taxes)

15. Mille-Feuille At Suzette Bakery, Bandra

Opened recently, Suzette Bakey is the newest outpost by the trio behind Suzette Creperie. Their Mille-Feuille and Paris Brest will transport you to the cobbled streets of Paris.


Address – Suzette Bakery, Shop No 10, Gasper Enclave, St John St, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Contact – 022-66940027
We recommend –  Mille-Feuile, Price on request

16. Cheesecake At Poetry By Love & Cheesecake, Multiple Outlets

With cheesecake in its name, it’s no wonder that Poetry By Love & Cheesecake makes some of the best cheesecakes in Mumbai. They are velvety, creamy and just the right texture.

Poetry by Love & Cheesecake

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Cheesecake, ₹165 (Exclusive of taxes)

17. Dessert Jars At Country Of Origin, Multiple Outlets

Country of Origin is wildly popular for chocolate desserts. Their dessert jars, in particular, are quite amazing. They even have Diwali-specific dessert jars incase you like mixing your desserts with mithai.

Country of origin

Address – Multiple outlets
We recommend –  Dessert Jars, ₹1100 (Exclusive of taxes)

18. Nutella Philly Cheesecake At Chantilly, Bandra

We have all seen the video of Nutella being drizzled on the perfect slice of cheesecake at Chantilly. I don’t think we need to say more about this marvellous wonder.


Address – Chantilly, Shop 6, Shaktiraj CHS, Near Gold’s Gym, Pali Hill, Bandra West
Contact – +91 7370808080
We recommend –  Nutella Philly Cheesecake, ₹650 (Exclusive of taxes)

19. Marble Tea Cake At The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Located right next to SpiceKlub, Rolling Pin is one of our go-to places when we are craving some carbs. From tea cakes to pastries, they have everything on their menu.

Rolling Pin

Address – The Rolling Pin, 12, Janta Industrial Estate, Senapat Bapat Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Contact – 022 46104612
We recommend –  Marble Tea Cake, ₹185 (Exclusive of taxes)

20. Cruffin At Magazine Street Kitchen, Colaba

This experimental cooking studio also has its own bakery which makes some of the best-baked goods in the city. Although you can’t buy stuff from here directly you can order their cruffins and croissants via Scootsy. And if that doesn’t work, you can always sample their stuff at Le15 Cafe in Colaba which stocks their Pain Au Chocolat and Croissants.

Magazine Street kitchen

Address – Magazine Street Kitchen, Gala No 13, Devidayal Compound, Near Britannia Company, Magazine St Gupta Mills Estate, Darukhana, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010
Contact – 091371 26325
We recommend –  Vanilla Cruffin, ₹115 (Exclusive of taxes)

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