5 Best Malai Kulfis You Need To Try In Delhi NCR

by Sanmita A
5 Best Malai Kulfis You Need To Try In Delhi NCR

Malai Kulfi is the go-to flavour for all kulfi lovers. Fortunately, there are tons of kulfi stores in Delhi NCR that serve the creamiest and best of malai kulfis. Of course, you an choose to prepare kulfis at home once in a while. But, there are some epic places that serve delicious kulfis which will be no match to others. Here’s an assorted list of five best malai kulfis you need to try in Delhi NCR –

1. Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale

They are super good when it comes to serving kulfis. And honestly, you will be delighted to check out their menu, which has a range of kulfi flavours. Right from the best selling ones to the unique fruit ones, we love what they serve. We are sure you’ll be mesmerised with their servings of creamy and delicious kulfis.


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2. Artiste Handcrafted Ice-Cream

This place in Gurgaon, prepare a delicious range of ice creams and kulfis. You might want to give their range of unmatched kulfi flavours a chef’s kiss. All their products are made of natural products and as they claim, you’ll lose yourself in their flavour and taste of malai kulfi. Also, don’t miss out on their monsoon offers, check it out!


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3. Kesari Flavoured Kulfi

This places serves one of the finest malai kulfis in Delhi and is a must try! We’re super impressed with their range of flavours and kulfi choices. Not only malai kulfis, but the other flavours that you will find here are equally delicious. Order in and let us know what you think of the place!

4. Kings Kulfi

As the name suggests, their Kulfi is bound to be royal and tasty. They even serve ice creams and their kulfis are super delicious. They serve a wide range of kulfi that you can try from and it’s not only us, but the wide number of customers sing their glory too. Their malai kulfis are creamy and super fresh. And you’ll not only find them in Delhi NCR, but in other cities too!

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5. Queen’s Kulfi

This place stands out for its creamiest servings of kulfis and we are so thrilled. They have a range of flavours that you can try from and their malai kulfi is one of the bests. They serve other dishes too and curate their servings according to the seasons. Basically, you love the variety in their menu.


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