Biryani For ₹1! Telangana Restaurant’s Offer Led To Utter Chaos; Hotel Had To Shut Down

by Shreya Shriyan
Biryani For ₹1! Telangana Restaurant’s Offer Led To Utter Chaos; Hotel Had To Shut Down

While most restaurants have their own tips and tricks to attract customers using various schemes, this Telangana restaurant’s attempt is one for history books. Biryani for ₹1 deal initially made to attract a large crowd for their restaurant’s opening day in Telangana soon backfired for Telangana’s Empire Hotel in Karimnagar.

Restaurant’s ₹1 Biryani Resulted In Them Having To Shut Down

Biryani For ₹1! Telangana
Image Courtesy: PixaBay (Representative Image)

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The newly opened restaurant, Empire Hotel, in the lanes of Karimnagar, Telangana, offered Chicken Biryani priced at ₹1 as its opening day offer to attract customers. And naturally, a humongous crowd quickly surrounded the restaurant. The offer made by the restaurant claimed that customers had to provide a ₹1 note to avail of the offer in exchange for the chicken biryani and also said that only one biryani would be given per person in exchange for the note.

Even though the deal sounds like a dream, it quickly turned into a nightmare when the demand exceeded the supply. While some customers were respectful, some lost all sense of patience and started breaking into the restaurant and creating havoc just to be able to get their hands on this “delicious” deal.

The news of the deal broke out on most social media platforms and gathered crowds beyond the capacity of the hotel management. This resulted in some customers turning volatile and damaging the restaurant and attacking some of the hotel staff.

Due to this commotion, the hotel staff had to forcibly pull down its shutter for the day to save themselves and the hotel property from more damage. The mob lost their cool and resorted to violence when the newly opened restaurant failed to deliver on their offer after running out of biryani after just 800 packets.

A Biryani Deal So Good It Started A Violent Brawl?

Biryani For ₹1! Telangana
Image Courtesy: PixaBay (Representative Image)

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As if the chaos in and around the restaurant wasn’t enough, it even flowed out into the streets as biryani lovers thronged to the restaurant in their vehicles and haphazardly parked them anywhere they could in a bid to rush towards the restaurant. This created massive traffic jams in Telangana Chowk creating a lot of extra work for the area’s traffic control departments.

In order to get the traffic under control, fines ranging from ₹200-250 were rolled out against the drivers of the vehicles that had contributed to the vehicular chaos. The road surrounding the area was swarmed with parked cars.

Admittedly, we all love a good biryani, be it veg or non-veg. But, would you pay a fine costing as much as ₹200 over it? Moreover, would you grab the offer of ₹1 for biryani in Telangana? Let us know in the comments.

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