Bundelkhand Expressway To Reduce Delhi-Bundelkhand Travel Time By 3 Hours

by Vinita Jain
Bundelkhand Expressway To Reduce Delhi-Bundelkhand Travel Time By 3 Hours

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the sixth highway between Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot and Etawah. This Bundelkhand expressway project’s foundation was laid by the Prime Minister in 2020 and now the project is complete. Earlier it used to take somewhat 10-11 hours to reach Chitrakoot from Delhi but now the distance from Bundelkhand to Delhi can just now be covered in 7 hours as it now the distance is just 630 km.

Bundelkhand expressway is India’s third longest expressway after Purvanchal and Agra-Lucknow expressway. This expressway is built at a cost of rupees 14,850 crores. And the project is successfully completed in a span of 28 months.

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Places the Expressway covers

The highway starts near Bharatkoop in the Chitrakoot district and joins the Agra- Lucknow expressway near the Kudrail village in the Etawah district. This four-lane expressway will pass through seven Uttar Pradesh districts. The length of the road includes the intersections of the Bargen, Ken, Shyama, Chandawal, Birma, Yamuna, Betwa, and Sengar rivers. The expressway also comprises 4 railways over bridges, several bridges across rivers including major, and minor bridges, and 224 underpasses.

Picture Credit: indiatvnews.com

Facts about Bundelkhand Expressway

  • The Bundelkhand expressway is also important for the success of the Uttar Pradesh Defense Corridor Project in the future.
  • Of the 13 highways in states, six are in operation for a total of 2,000 miles (3,200 km), and seven more are under construction.
  • What stays common in all the expressways ensures safety. The Bundelkhand expressway seems to have some predominant safety measures. There are crash beams on both sides of the middle medium which will help in avoiding the situation of cars overturning from one medium to another.
  • The locals present there have also found employment opportunities. Because the expressway will increase tourism which brings the opening of hotels and dhabas for migrants.

The inauguration of the expressway will be held in the Jalon district of Uttar Pradesh. This project aims to increase UP connectivity and promote economic activity.

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