Business Class Vistara Passengers Can Now Enjoy Healthy Food Options Like Greek Salad & Ragi Bread

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 140

The whole world is moving towards a healthier lifestyle, thanks to the pandemic. Looking at this shift, Vistara airlines is consciously adding healthier options to the menu, like salads enriched with superfoods, whole foods, and proteins. Vistara business class passengers on flights with 90 minutes plus flying time are served not only regional delicacies such as narkel bora malai curry but also healthier options like the Greek salad. 

Incorporating Healthier Food Options

In the last two to three months, Vistara is incorporating many healthier items into its menu. There’s a traditional Greek salad with feta cheese and linseeds, quinoa salad, barley, chickpeas, and sprouts. Their rotating bread selection includes several varieties and healthier alternatives such as ragi, whole wheat and multigrain bread. A variety of cold-pressed juices are available to passengers on board, including Valencia orange, aamras, sugarcane, and berry delight. You may also choose from a variety of beverages prepared in-house, including freshly squeezed lime juice, watermelon juice, lemon water, buttermilk, etc.


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Offering A Distinguished Dining Experience With Regional Cuisine

Vistara airlines recently introduced regional cuisine to business class on select routes on May 1, which is being served during lunch and dinner on flights of 90 minutes or more. You can have authentic dishes to choose from on the flight. With the aim of introducing local cuisine and diverse flavours to our passengers, Vistara Airlines came up with this very idea giving its passengers a distinguished dining experience. 


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