Butter Boards Take Over TikTok; Here’s What The New Food Trend Is All About

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Butter Boards Take Over TikTok; Here’s What The New Food Trend Is All About

Two years of the pandemic have taught us a lot. Be it being a little more focused on our health or pushing us to invest a little more time into our hobbies. It also gave birth to many food trends as many people back home were experimenting with food. If you think you have seen enough of weird and amazing food trends, here is a new one. Butter Boards is the new food trend doing rounds on TikTok and people are loving it already. Keep reading to know more about it. 

Butter Boards: The New Food Trend

People on Tik Tok are going crazy about Butter Boards. Food Blogger Justine Doiron posted a video featuring butter boards and it went viral. In the video, Justin explained to people about butter boards calling them a version of the charcuterie board.

For all those people who don’t know, butter boards are the new way of serving butter at get-togethers in an elegant manner. They are said to be a relative of the charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are boards with pieces of cold-cut meat, cheese and some veggies served on a wooden board. Bread, butter, jam, and crackers are frequently served as accompaniments. 


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People Loving The New Trend, Customising It

Justine explained that the board has a good and thick spread of butter on it, and can feature toppings as per choice. Her butter board had onions, honey, lemon zest, cilantro and edible flowers as toppings. She also asked people to serve this board with warm bread to scoop off the butter and savour it. She also gave Joshua McFadden, a chef and cookbook author, credit for the inspiration.

Over 8.2 million people watched the video, and it received 1 million likes. As soon as the video went viral, many others came up with their version of this trend. Erika Vetrini topped the butter with herbs and veggies. She served it with bread and called it a perfect dish for brunch or breakfast


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Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Justin Doiron