Café Illiterati In McLeod Ganj Offers Free Meals For Books! Carry A Book You Think They’d Want And Dine At This Cliffside Mountain Cafe For Free!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Café Illiterati In McLeod Ganj Offers Free Meals For Books! Carry A Book You Think They’d Want And Dine At This Cliffside Mountain Cafe For Free!

Dharamshala is on every traveller’s to do list and it’s because of gems like Café Illiterati. This traveller’s paradise is at the end of the road in a little town at the suburbs of Dharamshala. McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh is bustling with people from Israel, India, France and Tibet all year round. The owners Rikten and Julian, in an interview said they know quite a few couples who met at their pahadi restaurant for the first time and decided to spend a lifetime together. Love is in the air at this beautiful cliffside café. Do you want to know the best part? They have an enticing library where every book is handpicked. The collection is so pristine that if a book that belongs in it is spotted in the hands of a visitor, they offer her a free meal in exchange for the copy!

What is it

Café Illiterati is a place of peace. You’ll find whatever you’re looking for, even yourself. A soulmate or a book, they’re both on the menu. Spend your time quietly reading here for hours or interact with the travellers from all over the world. Thai monks, Korean nuns, Tibetan activists, Butoh dancers and Dharamshala locals are regulars here. Everybody in the hills is nicer in the city. Time away from air pollution, noise pollution and polluted people tends to have that effect on us human beings. The management holds on to a little extra patience for those who haven’t been there long enough. They have to attend to all kinds of people and cross many barriers on a daily basis. The fun begins when a celebrity walks in because all the servers get excited, the owners told a New York travel magazine.

Image Credit: Chomp Slurrp Burp, OnePlus

What’s more

They have an outdoor seating where it’s just you and the Dhauladar mountain range. Café Illiterati is at the edge of a cliff, so you feel like the only person in the world. That kind of peace is worth more than anything money can buy. Their Chicken Schnitzel and Mint Iced Tea are recommended to anyone who walks in but, we like their vegan menu best. The pancakes, pizzas and hummus plates are also extremely popular and for good reason.

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Café Illiterati
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Café Illiterati is the first thing you should do when in McLeod Ganj. This place will keep you coming every day you’re there and even extend your trip. It’s a safe place to be because it’s always crowded, and people are very helpful. Solo travellers often take respite here. It’s a great place to meet locals and get the real local experience too. One trip here and you’ll fall in love with Himachal all over again. Go see for yourself!

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