Central Railway Takes Help Of Robots To Give Masks & Screen Passengers At Stations

by Suchismita Pal
Central Railway Takes Help Of Robots To Give Masks & Screen Passengers At Stations

To ensure the safety of passengers amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Central Railway has been utilising cutting-edge technologies, including robotic technology and contact-free ‘automated’ ticketing. The Railways has installed a robot named ‘Captain Arjun’ which will move around the station and carry out screening of the passengers with thermal technology. The robot will also dispense masks and sanitizers using sensors. A pre-installed camera named ‘Febri Eye’ will scan passengers using thermal technology. The Railways has also launched a robot warrior named ‘Rakshak’ and Medibot ‘Jivak’. ‘Captain Arjun’ was introduced during around June 2020 by the Railway Protection Force of Central Railway, Pune Division.

Central Railway Robots
Picture Credits: punemirror.indiatimes.com

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‘Caption Arjun’ And ‘Febri Eye’ To Ensure Safe Travel Of Passengers

The Central Railway has launched robots to carry out thermal screening of passengers, dispense masks and more at the stations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Republic World, an official statement has stated, ” ‘Captain Arjun’, a robotic device that has wheels installed at the bottom, moves around at the stations to check passengers with thermal technology and also dispenses masks and sanitizers using onboard sensors.” ‘Febri Eye’ is a pre-installed camera that will scan passengers using thermal technology. There is a robot warrior named ‘Rakshak’ and a Medibot ‘Jivak’.

Picture Credits: Free Press Journal

According to DIYA Robots, “Mumbai Division Central Railway has built an assistant robot named “Rakshak” who can remotely convey information between the patient and the doctor through video communication.  #Rakshak is designed to measure health parameters like temperature, pulse count, oxygen, and also has automatic sanitizer dispenser. It also provides medicines and food to the patients.”Meanwhile, these ‘Robot Dogs’ in Singapore have been reminding people to maintain social distancing.

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Automated Ticketing Managing Access And Heath ATM Kiosks

For contact-free ticketing, the Central Railway has installed Automated Ticketing Managing Access (ATMA). The mobile application, Checkin Master, will assist in the safe checking of PRS based reserved tickets. Health ATM kiosks at the stations aim to assist travellers with over 16 types of health readings, which include blood pressure, sugar level, BMI, etc. Also, there are foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers for contactless hand sanitisation. With all these measures introduced, travelling in Railways seems much safer now. Having said that, don’t forget to wear your face mask and carry your personal sanitizer. Wipe off the seats with disinfecting wipes before sitting on them. Also, hospitals in Kerala and Bangalore had installed robots to assist COVID-19 patients.